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Distributed Generation Under Fire (2015)

Originally published at We’ve been keeping a running tally of where distributed generation has come under attack, usually from incumbent utility companies, and displayed it in map format every few months. But the North Carolina Clean Energy Technology Center and Meister Consultants Group have done such a good job with … [continued]

Texas Microgrid Integrates 9 Different Distributed Generation Sources With Storage

Schneider Electric, S&C Electric Company, and the transmission + distribution company Oncor are teaming up to put together a microgrid featuring (and obviously thus capable of integrating) 9 separate distributed generation sources along with energy storage infrastructure. According to Oncor, the project represents the “most advanced microgrid in North America,” … [continued]

What Local Wind Energy Ordinances Make Sense For Distributed Generation?

Originally published on the Clean Energy Resource Team blog. by Fritz Ebinger The National Association of Counties (NACo) and the Distributed Wind Energy Association(DWEA) paired up recently to promote wind power by reducing permitting barriers, while also protecting resident interests. The report, County Strategies for Successfully Managing and Promoting Wind Power, was published in … [continued]

Tendril Releasing New Suite Of Industry-Focused Marketing Solutions To Support Distributed Energy Generation Providers

The Energy Services Management (ESM) solutions company Tendril is releasing a new suite of industry-focused marketing solutions that includes offerings that can be used by distributed energy resource providers (e.g., rooftop solar energy companies) amongst others, according to an email sent to CleanTechnica this week. The 3 new “Tendril Energy Marketing” … [continued]