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California Residents Increasingly Pairing Battery Storage with Solar Installations

California residents are increasingly pairing battery storage with solar installations, according to the latest preliminary data in our Monthly Electric Power Industry Report. The share of new residential solar photovoltaic systems paired with batteries has increased since we began collecting data in October 2023. In April 2024, more than 50% of … [continued]

locPower installs heat pumps and other clean energy HVAC systems to reduce emissions. Photo from BlocPower

California: $20 Billion Potential Savings from Targeted Electrification

New analysis shows targeted electrification could save Californians more than $20 billion in gas pipeline costs by 2045 while tackling climate emissions. The transition from gas heating appliances to clean, efficient electric heat pumps is already underway in California — yet gas utilities continue to spend millions of dollars each year … [continued]

ElectricFish is scaling production of their 350Squared™ for electric-vehicle fleets: Backup energy and dc fast charging in one unit. (Photo: Business Wire)

ElectricFish Opens 1st Intelligent Grid EV Infrastructure Manufacturing Facility in California

New San Carlos facility showcases climate tech industry advancing state and federal goals for domestic clean energy supply chains SAN CARLOS, California — ElectricFish, a national leader in building the next-generation of distributed energy infrastructure, today announced the company’s new manufacturing facility and corporate headquarters in San Carlos, Calif. will … [continued]

Note: Includes both all-electric and plug-in hybrid registrations

4.3% of Light-Duty Vehicles in California Had a Plug in 2023

In 2023, California had the highest share of light-duty plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) registrations (i.e., number of vehicles on the road), representing 4.3% of all light-duty vehicle registrations in the state. The next highest was the District of Columbia (DC) with 3.5% followed by Hawaii at 2.8%. There were nine … [continued]