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Tigo Energy Delivers Most Powerful Solar MLPE for High-Wattage & Bifacial Modules

Tigo TS4-X devices provide the latest in safety, monitoring, and optimization, including a new Multi-Factor Rapid Shutdown (MFRS) capability for critical applications, for solar installers deploying modules up to 800W Tigo Energy, Inc. (NASDAQ: TYGO), a leading provider of intelligent solar and energy software solutions, today announced the newest additions to … [continued]

Solar power on community housing in Australia. Photo courtesy of CORENA.

Bifacial Perovskite Solar Cells Point to Higher Efficiency

NREL Researchers Calculate Boost From Reflected Light Hitting Back of Device A bifacial perovskite solar cell, which allows sunlight to reach both sides of the device, holds the potential to produce higher energy yields at lower overall costs, according to scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy … [continued]

Array Technologies Selected For One Of The Largest Bifacial Solar Projects In Australia

Bifacial solar cells and panels are moving more seriously into play now thanks to cost drops and efficiency improvements. A bifacial solar panel is essentially a solar panel that can collect energy from the front side and the rear side (a normal monofacial panel only collects energy from one side). Array Technologies boosts that technology even further with solar tracking technology, capturing much more sunlight than a normal solar array.