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Image from Argonne Lab & Chicago Transit Authority

Argonne-led Study Highlights Public Transit’s Critical Role Across Chicago

Research shows crucial role of Chicago’s public transit in maintaining mobility, economic stability, and supporting vulnerable populations A study by Argonne and MIT reveals the significant impacts of losing public transit in the Chicago region, from pollution spikes to increased traffic congestion to economic downturns. Public transit is vital to Chicago’s metropolitan … [continued]

More public charging stations will help reduce EV range anxiety, and other solutions are also emerging (image courtesy of US Department of Energy).

Argonne Assembles Electric Vehicle Experts to Create Better Experiences at Charging Stations

Task Force members address a priority for electric vehicle drivers: making sure the charging technology works The process of accessing a charging app, swiping a card through a reader, plugging the charging cord into the outlet and waiting for the battery to charge should be a seamless experience for users. … [continued]

Midjourney generated image of London street, electric scooters

Argonne & Partners Create a New Approach to Transportation: Pairing Off-Street Parking with Electric Scooters

Argonne teams up with the Civic Infrastructure Collaborative and Millennium Parking Garages to reduce traffic congestion and greenhouse gas emissions Offering electric scooter rentals to parking garage customers can help reduce traffic and carbon emissions in Chicago, according to an Argonne collaboration. Fighting traffic and searching for parking are some … [continued]

Image created by Microsoft Copilot.

U.S. Department of Energy Awards Argonne National Laboratory $4 Million for Energy-Efficient Microchip Research

Argonne collaborates with multiple universities to advance new materials, devices for next-generation microchips While the microchips inside electronic devices like cell phones and computers are incredibly small, transistors — the tiny electrical switches inside of microchips — are approaching the atomic level. Today’s microchips pack over 100 million transistors in … [continued]

Argonne Scientists Use AI to Identify New Materials for Carbon Capture

Metal-organic framework (MOF) materials can be used in many different applications, from catalysts to energy converters Generative AI techniques, machine learning and simulations give researchers new opportunities to identify environmentally friendly metal-organic framework materials. Carbon capture is a critical technology in reducing greenhouse gas emissions from power plants and other … [continued]