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Nyobolt EV Sportscar Prototype Takes Ultra-Fast Charging Out of the Lab & Onto the Road

Nyobolt’s ultra-fast charging batteries that eliminate slow and inconvenient recharge stops, move from the lab to the track Just 12 months after revealing the concept, a driveable Nyobolt EV prototype, engineered together with CALLUM, will advance testing of the technology in the real world, enabling OEMs to experience Nyobolt’s ultra-fast … [continued]

Bolt, TRÍ, & Watu Partner to Empower Drivers with Electric Three-Wheeler Pilot Program in Tanzania

From about 2010, the population of three-wheeled internal combustion engine vehicles has been growing in Tanzania. These three-wheelers are used as taxis and have become an integral part of Tanzania’s transport ecosystem. One of the major original equipment manufacturers in the internal combustion engine three-wheeler market is the Indian firm … [continued]