Fanttik X9 Ultra Tire Inflator (& More!) For Trucks & SUVs — CleanTechnica Tested

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Ain’t nobody got time for a low or flat tire, especially if you’re in a pickup truck, off-roading somewhere remote (not that this has ever happened to me…). I was able to try out the portable and cordless Fanttik X9 Ultra Tire Inflator on a Toyota Tacoma and was pleased with the results overall. Read on to get the specs and a detailed review. Not long ago, I also tested the Fanttik X9 Pro Air Inflator. Check out that review here.

The X9 Ultra is a pretty ingenious product. It’s portable for on-the-go use and three-in-one, so it 1) inflates tires; 2) has a high beam flashlight; and 3) performs as a power station for charging electronics. I loved the additional features — the flashlight is especially brilliant (ha) for those times when you’re inflating a tire in the dark or low light. 

Fanttik X9 Ultra Tire Inflator


The packaging was secure and sturdy, though not overly packed up (we at CleanTechnica love minimal packaging to avoid waste!). The X9 Ultra is simple — one of its best attributes — so the box contained the product, a charging cord, and a (mercifully) small and easy-to-navigate instruction manual. Unlike a lot of the CleanTechnica product reviewers, I’m not a total gearhead (for better or worse!), so I love things that are simple and ready to go out of the box. And especially when you’re in a tight spot with a tire that needs to be inflated, easy-to-use is the way to go. I was impressed by the product’s light weight. It has a great handle for moving it from tire to tire and it’s compact for easy storage in your vehicle.

The one con of the whole setup is that the X9 Ultra doesn’t have a wall box for the charging cord, nor any way to charge it in a vehicle. This seems like an important feature missing, as it’s meant to be a portable, on-the-go tire inflator and power station, though the methods of recharging the unit are limited.

Testing On The Toyota Tacoma Truck Tires

As far as battery life goes, the X9 Ultra is equipped with a large 5Ah (18.5V) battery, so the inflator can refill four pickup truck or SUV tires (from 0 to 35 PSI) on a single charge. The display is crisp and easy to read. It also has some fancier features like customizable modes that allow you to save the desired PSI for specific tires and vehicles. This makes for even quicker and more convenient work when switching from different vehicles, as you can save the settings for up to three modes.

I’ll reiterate that I love the simplicity of this product. It was very straightforward to get a low tire inflated. Just hook up the extra long inflation hose (the X9 Ultra features a 45-inch inflation hose to reach tires on larger vehicles) right to the tire’s air valve, set the desire PSI, press the power button, and in a matter of seconds, your tire is at the exact PSI you set on the display. The Fanttik X9 Ultra has a maximum airflow of 40L / minute and a max pressure of 150 PSI, which is perfect for trucks, SUVs, and larger vehicles. 

One neat aspect of this product is the built-in storage for both the long inflation cord AND the valve adaptors. I’m guilty of losing things like valve adaptors, so this feature is really awesome. 

3-in-1 Features Are Great For The Outdoor Enthusiast

The additional features of this product are pretty great. It’s not only a tire inflator, but also a powerful flashlight and a power station, which is perfect for outdoor and adventure needs. The 92.5Wh power station was able to charge my laptop quickly. However, I was surprised that charging my laptop took a larger chunk out of the power station’s battery life than I expected. 

The Fanttik X9 Ultra has a USB-A output and a USB-C in/output, so you can power up your smartphone, laptop, etc. I wasn’t able to use the product long enough to see how long the battery life is when out in the world, though the 92.5Wh battery should give you a decent charge life.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this is a nifty little gadget. Perfect for when you’re on the go and need a quick tire inflation (and I mean quick!), or a charge of your smartphone. The single recharging option makes this product somewhat limited, as once the battery is out, you can’t recharge until you’re back home or somewhere you can plug it in, since you can’t plug it into your vehicle. That being said, the Fanttik X9 Ultra is a compact, lightweight, simple, portable tire inflator, with the added bonus of being a power station and flashlight. It has a clear and straightforward display and I found the product to be a great one overall.

This article is sponsored by Fanttik. The product was provided to the author free of charge for the purposes of this review. 

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