Audi Talks Range On Twitter, & Gets Into Some Trouble

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A few days ago on Twitter, Audi posted a very short tweet to open dialogue about electric vehicle (EV) range. Many Tesla owners shared their thoughts about this, but it was Andy Slye’s response to Audi that resulted in a question that seemed to dismiss Andy’s perspective on how much range was needed.

The question that Audi asked in the tweet above implies that one should simply dismiss the idea that 300 miles minimum of range is important. That’s not to say that 300 miles is a minimum for everyone. Many Tesla owners have a Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus (SR+) with 250 miles of range and are fine with it. However, people don’t pay thousands of dollars more for nothing — many people see 300 miles as a minimum.

For an automaker to seemingly dismiss this shows that either it is unable to create a vehicle with this type of range or it has no desire to even try. However, one other option here is that someone tasked with promoting the Audi e-tron on social media was not entirely familiar with the conversation or where it would go and stimulated the controversy naively. The person in charge of a Twitter account doesn’t necessarily have insight into the company’s future plans. That said, they should understand their product shortcomings and Audi should be prepared to notice major Tesla/EV influencers, like Andy.

Perhaps the average American who only travels around 40 miles a day may not need the extra range for their car, but insufficient range is something that dissuades many EV buyers from making the switch from gasoline or diesel to electric. In fact, concern that the person will suffer from range anxiety is one of the common types of fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) when it comes to EVs. While Audi USA’s social media person may be trying to dissipate that fear, they went down the wrong road.

Tesla vehicles have the most range, and it is a major reason many people buy a Tesla. @Audi should have noticed it was a notable Tesla owner they were replying to in order to better understand how they should have responded, rather than implying Andy didn’t in fact see 300 miles as a true requirement for an EV.

Tesla/Audi EV Range Comparison

Automobile Mag reviewed the 2021 Audi e-tron Sportback, and while noting that this is “your everyday electric vehicle,” the author pointed out that it would be perfect with a little more range. In the review, the author shared their story of having to go up a hill and that this used up 20 miles of range in just over two miles of driving. “Range is a sore spot with the Audi, as the anticipated EPA range (not finalized at the time of writing) from its 95-kWh battery is 218 miles, far short of the 300-or-so offered by Tesla’s SUVs and promised by Ford’s all-electric Mustang Mach-E,” the author wrote.

In stark contrast, the 2021 Tesla Model S is projected to have a range between 348 and 402 miles. This achievement, Tesla noted in its blog post shared by Elon Musk, comes from Tesla’s “obsession with efficiency and energy frugality.”

Audi Is Spending Billions To “Chase Tesla”

Carbuzz reported that Audi is “spending billions to chase Tesla” and that a new budget has been set. Its new budget will see the carmaker through 2025 and accelerates its EV investments to $12 billion. This is good news, especially since earlier this year Audi’s CEO seemed to snub EVs in favor of fossil fuel vehicle investments.

Whether or not Audi was trying to downplay the importance of range, the fact that it is investing so much into EVs shows that it’s willing to shift much of its focus onto a more sustainable future.

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Audi Is Deploying Charging Stations With Electrify America

In that same thread, Audi stated that it has worked with Electrify America to deploy over 2,000 fast chargers across the country. This is another strong step forward.

While it does seem ill advised for Audi to make comments downplays the importance of range to longtime EV owners with large followings, the fact that the company is investing in making more popular EVs and the charging network they rely on. When you see Tesla’s success, it’s clear that Tesla’s Supercharger network is a critical component to its industry takeover, and the Electrify America network may not be exactly the same, but it is a significantly similar enhancement to the EV ecosystem for non-Tesla drivers.

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