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Published on June 3rd, 2020 | by Johnna Crider


Generation180 Wants To Electrify Your Ride

June 3rd, 2020 by  

Generation180, a Virginia nonprofit that wants to inspire and equip people to take action on clean energy, is on a mission to electrify your ride. Their goal is to help people save money while improving their community’s air and health. 

By encouraging Virginians to take the Going Electric pledge, they help you to set this goal. Many people think about ideas and plans but don’t really take action. The simple act of signing an online pledge is one way someone could take a real step toward their goal.


Generation180 is collaborating with Green Energy Consumer Alliance, and Virginia Clean Cities by creating the Electrify Your Ride Campaign. It’s a statewide program that is making electric cars more accessible. One of the main stereotypes of EVs is that they are too costly or that they don’t have enough range. 

Generation180 and its partners are using education, local events and dealership discounts to encourage Virginia residents to make the switch to electric.  The key goal is to raise awareness about the benefits of driving electric. One way they do this is by connecting local EV owners with neighbors who want to learn more about EVs. 

Some of the myths that Generation180 wants to dispel are:

EVs are bad for the environment. The lifecycle of an EV already generates half the emissions of a comparable gas car — even with today’s power grid. There is no place on the grid where an EV isn’t greener than its gas/diesel competitors. These numbers will only improve as more clean energy comes onto the grid. 

Charging an EV is just as dirty as pumping gas. EVs produce significantly fewer emissions than their gas counterparts. Period. 

Mining the rare metals used in EV batteries is worse than getting any resource needed for gas cars. Gas burns only once while EV batteries are reused thousands of times. No, mining the raw materials is not worse than fracking or drilling for oil — which is where gasoline comes from.

For more, check out their Electrify Your Ride campaign website! 


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