Coronavirus Insanity Leading America Into Dark Times

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If you are paying more than cursory attention to the news these days, you will know the alleged American president’s position that it’s okay for tens of thousands of Americans to die just so long as he gets re-elected. In a panic because the nation’s current economic woes could lead to defeat in November, the serial philanderer with the cement wash hairdo is continuing with his “It’s all about me” approach, praising people who bring AR-15 assault rifles to anti-lockdown rallies and urging states to reopen for business even though virus infections are rising.

Out in the state of Washington, the new social craze is going to BYOC — bring your own coronavirus — parties, where people who have the virus can mingle with those who don’t in some whacked out, idiotic attempt to jumpstart that herd immunity thing in what amounts to a national “hold my beer” moment worthy of America’s Funniest Home Videos. Even smart people like Elon Musk have taken to social media to berate social distancing measures as some sort of fascist plot hatched by the Deep State. A security guard, meanwhile, was murdered for enforcing directives to wear masks in public. A park ranger simply doing his job in Austin, Texas, was pushed into a lake.

On September 11, 2001, more than 3000 Americans died in the World Trade Center catastrophe and America went crazy with grief, spending trillions to catch the perpetrators. The Vietnam war went on for two decades, claiming more than 56,000 lives and creating the greatest upheaval in American society since the Civil War. But more than 70,000 Americans have died in the past two months from the coronavirus, perhaps many more than that, and people want to party like it’s 1999. Pleas from governors and local officials are widely ignored as people rush to parks and beaches to celebrate their supposedly God-given and constitutionally protected right to do any goddam thing they choose whenever they choose to do it.

 Dumb & Dumber

Trump and Pence official photo
Credit: The White House

The Supreme Leader of the United States goes to a factory making face masks and refuses to wear one himself. Meanwhile, whether by serendipity or planned resistance, the song “Live And Let Die” is blaring in the background. Last week, Second Banana Pence went to the Mayo Clinic. His staff handed out a memo beforehand saying all people on the tour would be required to wear masks. The Mayo Clinic itself has a policy requiring the use of masks. Nevertheless, Pence refused to wear one, and when a journalist pointed out his omission, Pence’s head exploded and he had the reporter banned from riding on Air Force Two, the official VP shuttle.

The message Tramp and Pence are sending to America is, “We don’t care what the doctors and scientists say, we don’t have to wear no stinking masks and neither do you.” As Dave Barry would say, “I am not making this up!”

Speaking of Dave Barry, humor is sometimes the only thing that can get us through dark times. And so, as a public service, CleanTechnica brings you the video below that we found while surfing the net trying to overcome our own sense of boredom and ennui. A takeoff on Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody,” it features a chorus that goes like this: “Wash your hands! We will not wash our hands!” All in all, it’s far more intelligent than any of Tramp’s nonsensical pandemic policies.

But be warned. Scientists say loss of the ability to laugh may be a sign you have the virus, so if you don’t see the humor in all of this, you may want to hook yourself up to a Clorox IV drip or swallow some chloroquine tablets. The president and the experts at Faux News say both are a surefire way to kill the virus (if they don’t kill you first). To be clear, that was sarcasm and we strongly recommend you avoid self-treatment regimens, drinking or injecting poison, and sticking any ultraviolet lights down your throat to disinfect yourself from the inside.

Instead, watch the video and enjoy a laugh or two. As the folks at Reader’s Digest like to say, laughter is the best medicine.

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