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Published on December 6th, 2019 | by Zachary Shahan


Cheap EV Leases … Visions Of A Cybertruck Future … Model 3 vs. Model Y Visual Comparison — CleanTechnica Top 20 in November

December 6th, 2019 by  

The most popular CleanTechnica stories of November involved romance, murder, secrecy, drama, and the most shocking finale in the history of entertainment. Oh, wait, no, they mostly just involved a bunch of cleantech news updates and analyses.

On the other hand … some might say the Cybertruck reveal and the coverage in the week to follow has been a story of romance, murder, secrecy, drama, and the most shocking finale in the history of entertainment. The Cybertruck did indeed gobble up 10 out of the 20 top articles of the month. Other Tesla topics took another 6 of these top spots. That left one for Volkswagen, one for batteries in general, one for 7 compelling electric vehicles, and the biggest prize of all for some bargain-basement EV leases (that are really hard to find in the real world).

Scroll down below for the top stories of the month. Also, if you scroll a bit further, you can find a long list of top CleanTechnica exclusives in November.

Photo by Kyle Field for CleanTechnica

  1. Say What? $79–$178 Monthly Lease For An Electric Car?
  2. The Tesla Cybertruck Isn’t A Pickup — It’s Much, Much More
  3. Tesla Model Y & Model 3 Visual Comparison — Side by Side, Morphing, More
  4. How The Tesla CyberTruck Puts Ford, Chevy, & Ram In A Pickle
  5. 3 Tesla Powerwalls + SunPower Solar = 33 Days “Off Grid” — CleanTechnica Interview
  6. 7 More Electric Vehicles That Could Hit 10,000 Sales A Month (Perhaps)
  7. Tesla Cybertruck — Pure Logic On Wheels
  8. What A $108/kWh Battery Pack Would Mean For Tesla
  9. Tesla One-Pedal Driving Update — In A Word, Perfecter
  10. Tesla Cybertruck: I Think I Get It Now (Analyzing Social Media In Light Of 146,000 Reservations)
  11. Elon Musk Should Build Pumped Hydro With Tesla Energy, The Boring Co., & Coal Miners
  12. Why Tesla’s Stock [TSLA] Tanked After Cybertruck’s Reveal
  13. Batteries Are Breaking Through
  14. Reviving The “Tesla Deathwatch” — With A Totally Different Spin
  15. Volkswagen Seemingly Believes A Common Tesla Myth
  16. Tesla Gigafactory Economies of Scale Just Starting to Show in Tesla Financials
  17. Who Is *Actually* Going To Buy A Tesla Cybertruck?
  18. Tesla Cybertruck Unveil Liveblog, Photos, & Video
  19. Tesla Cybertruck Starts From $39,900! Better Value Than Ford F-150?
  20. Why Is The Tesla Cybertruck A Giant Triangle?

As usual, we had a large number of exclusive, original, and analytical pieces published last month. Below are most of those from November.

Tesla Cybertruck

Ford Mustang Mach-E

EV Sales

More Tesla Stuff

More Fun!

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