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Published on November 23rd, 2019 | by Sponsored Content


Early Black Friday Discounts on Tesla Accessories for CleanTechnica Readers

November 23rd, 2019 by  

Black Friday week is starting early, and our friends at EV Items* are offering CleanTechnica readers 25% off their affordable aftermarket Tesla accessories. All orders receive a free Starman or Elon Musk Air Freshener and orders over $50 will receive free shipping within North America.

Get 25% off all Tesla accessories at EV Items with code BlackFridayCT

EV Items makes a ton of Tesla accessories for the Model 3, Model S, and Model X. Based in the US and Canada, the company is run by a former Tesla employee who created the first aluminum Tesla Model S Coat Hooks back in 2016 when they were known as EVHooks. In the last few years, EV Items has built up a diverse collection of aftermarket accessories and specializes in improving the utility and functionality of the interior of Tesla vehicles.

Here are some accessories that we handpicked from the sale:

Model 3 Mud Flaps/Mud Guards for Winter Weather

Stop rain, mud, snow, and debris from damaging your vehicle. The Model 3 mud guards provide protection from debris and other materials that get kicked up while driving through various wintry conditions. They have a precise fit and are made of automotive grade ABS plastic that will hold up well through the winter months. The mud flaps are easy to install and easily removed for the summer months.

EV Items tesla accessories

Vegan Tesla Model 3 Center Console Storage Cubby

Similar to the Model S/X cubby, the Model 3 storage cubby uses vegan and cruelty-free materials with an Alcantara interior and a vegan leather exterior. The interior comes in either black or limited edition red. This console storage cubby from EV Items is custom made for the center console area of your Model 3 allowing for optimal fit. It’s ideal for storing small items like keys, coins, and sunglasses. It also comes with a removable divider and features a hand-stitched Model 3 badge on the inside. Talk about a great gift for a Model 3 owner.

Model S and Model X Qi Wireless Phone Charger Center Console Insert

Are you in need of wireless smartphone charging in your Tesla? EV Items offers a Qi Wireless cell phone charging insert that allows wireless charging–enabled devices to charge in the Model S and Model X center console. This accessory is designed for a precise fit in either the OEM Tesla Model S and Model X center console. A USB cable to connect to the existing USB ports or the 12V plug for faster charging comes included.

ev items tesla accessories

Vegan Tesla Model S and X Center Console Storage Cubby

As one of their flagship accessories, this center console cubby from EV Items has a precise fit and dimensions that create a driver-facing product designed for single hand use. It may not be obvious, but the center cubby in your Model S or X is not a perfect rectangle, it’s an obscure trapezoid that has been matched perfectly with this product. The interior lining is a plush vegan Alcantara while the exterior is a black, vegan leather (both cruelty free). The Model S and X cubby drawer is ideal for loose change, sunglasses, keys, and any small items that might need to be accessed while driving. The silver, anodized aluminum handle is very “grab-able,” allowing you to open the drawer without looking. The cubby drawer also includes rubber stoppers that are easily installed to ensure it does not fall out of the compartment while in use.

EV items tesla accessories

EV Items – Nishal Kumar

Model 3 Qi Wireless Cell Phone Charger

It’s surprising that the Model 3 doesn’t have wireless cell phone charging as a standard option. Fortunately, EV Items offers a Qi Wireless cell phone charging unit that allows wireless charging–enabled devices to charge in the Model 3. This accessory is designed for a precise fit in the center console area and even includes USB splitters so you can charge your phone even while having your dashcam/sentry USB plugged in and capturing video footage. This wireless charger is less than half the price of the OEM Tesla wireless charging unit, making it a steal with the extra Black Friday discount.

EV items tesla accessories

PS: Yes, in case you were wondering, here are your free air freshener choices, which might make a great Christmas tree ornament!

EV items air freshener 2 EV items air freshener 2

Shop more accessories for Tesla Model 3, Model S, and Model X and get 25% off everything for Black Friday with code BlackFridayCT


This article is sponsored by EV Items; images from the company and used with permission. 

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