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Published on September 10th, 2019 | by Johnna Crider


Tesla’s Sentry Mode Watched A Fistfight Go Down In DC

September 10th, 2019 by  

Tesla’s Sentry Mode watched a fistfight go down in DC a few days ago. In the video posted on YouTube by Adeel Chohan, two guys wearing DCG tee shirts come from around the corner at a fast pace and then break out into a bouncy fistfight that has them jumping back and forth.

One is taking a drag from his cigarette and the other one seems to be speaking aggressively. Another car pulls off and they pause in front of the Tesla where Sentry Mode gets a front row seat on the action.

The guy smoking barely has time to put out his cigarette before the other guy throws the first punch. The fight quickly ensues and both men lose their hats. The fighting is more of jumping back and forth and a few failed attempts at landing an actual punch on one another. However, both do seem to have pretty good footwork.

Both fighters are pretty well-balanced, yet just from watching the video, the smaller one seems to be more emotional, especially since he was the first to start the actual fighting.

Then, for the guy who had the cigarette, the shoes come off and he seems to be better at blocking those punches. Just as the fight begins to intensify, a mysterious figure in an orange shirt blocks Sentry Mode’s critical view. He’s speaking into a phone and does a double-take at the unexpected match in front of him.

The man in the orange shirt manages to walk around the fight as another vehicle pulls up into the drive behind the scene. He quickly walks away and past the fallen victims of the battle: the hats and shoes. As the eye is drawn back to the fighters, they eventually move toward the left of the Tesla and disappear for a moment.

But they are not gone, nor has the fight ended, as you can tell from the audience emerging from the car that had parked when the guy in the orange shirt was passing through.

It seems that the driver of the car knew the fighters and more folks wearing DCG tee-shirts appear. It seems they are trying to pacify the situation, but one of the fighters takes advantage of his opponent while his back is turned. Eventually, the battle is over and it seems the only winner was the Tesla that captured the battle.

One fighter goes away with the group while the other one pulls out his phone and walks past his fallen hat and shoes.

One good thing about this is that no one was actually harmed.

People seem to forget that there are cameras everywhere. Somewhere, someone is watching. In this case, it was a Tesla with Sentry Mode activated. One thing we can all learn from this is that Teslas make great eyewitnesses to all aspects of life.

Here are some more reminders of that take-home point:


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