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Published on August 30th, 2019 | by Jennifer Sensiba


Watch A Tesla Model 3 Performance Shoot For Maximum Speed

August 30th, 2019 by  

A screenshot of the original video, showing 260 kph on the speedometer.

Tesla Model 3 Owners has released a video showing a max speed test of the Performance Model 3. On PMG Canada’s track, they managed to achieve a speed of 262 km/h, or 161 MPH. The video describes the experience of exceeding the advertised top speed by 6 MPH as “pretty scary.”

The actual track run starts at just before the 2:00 mark. Not long after starting, they hit a steeply banked turn, accelerating the car fairly fast to over 160 km/h. They end the turn going about 220 km/h, and then the passenger says “punch it!”

They pass a 2-digit radar sign, which couldn’t read their triple-digit speeds. The driver says that it “gave up”.

When they hit the next turn, they were going about 250 km/h, but had to slow down to negotiate the turn. The driver, Trevor, held speeds of over 200 km/h through the turn. In the next straightaway, they resumed the hunt for top speed, slowly climbing to 262 km/h, which they said is 10 km/h over the advertised top speed. The driver, referring to imperial or US speeds, asked, “what’s that in non-science units?” The passenger noted that it is 161 MPH.

In one lap of the track, they went from 50% SOC to 40%, dropping 10% of the battery in just one mile.

With the low state of charge and the driver admitting that he didn’t “hug the wall” in the banked turn, the Performance Model 3 might be capable of more. One of the track’s test engineers told the driver that the turns can be taken at 300 km/h, meaning that they could enter the straight portions much faster. 
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