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Published on August 3rd, 2019 | by Johnna Crider


Tesla Autopilot Navigates Hectic Traffic With Ease In Casablanca, Tunisia, Japan, & Beyond

August 3rd, 2019 by  

It’s just another day in the busy city of Casablanca, Morocco. There’s lots of traffic, many pedestrians, and even a speed bump that Tesla’s Autopilot handles with ease.

In the video provided by Khalil Amar on Twitter and YouTube, the car in front of Khalil’s slows to a stop and Autopilot simply moves over to the right lane. The next move is easily going over the speed bump and moving over to the left lane. Autopilot also stops behind the car in front of it and that’s all we see of the video.

Khalil Amar, a leader of the Tesla community in Morocco, shared with Elon Musk and others on Twitter the surprising effectiveness of Tesla Autopilot in such a challenging urban area like Casablanca, Morocco, which isn’t even an area where Tesla sells cars, includes WiFi in them, or includes normal navigation features. (See more info here.)

In a reply tweet, Khalil posts a video of two oversized trucks on the Moroccan highway and asks the question: “What’s more hectic in your opinion: these two trucks on the Moroccan highway or this Tesla driving on Autopilot in the urban jungle of Casablanca, Morocco?”

The video shows from the driver’s perspective a small two-lane highway and what looks like two 18-wheelers carrying oversized cargo.

Keep in mind that in the US, these types of trucks with the over-sized cargo by law (varying by state) have to have some type of sticker or warning label on them. These trucks do not have those. I’d say the answer to Khalil’s question is definitely the trucks.

Tesla Autopilot In Other Countries


In this video provided by Tesla Club Tunisia, you can clearly see Tesla’s Autopilot from the viewpoint of the driver as the vehicle drives itself:

New Zealand

In the following video of a Tesla in New Zealand, you can see Tesla’s right-side steering in action as well as the Autopilot handling the situation in a Model S. The video creator, icepicknz, says that “using Autopilot makes my commute to Auckland once a fortnight so much easier, especially in traffic.”


In the next short clip, the Tesla is driving through a tunnel in Japan and the driver says, “Wow!” The passenger laughs and they seem to be amazed that the car is driving itself.

Dubai, UAE

In the last video, which seems to be an ad for a self-driving taxi service in Dubai, it shows multiple people at different times experiencing the self-driving car. One guy says to the person he is on the phone with, “I’ll have to call you back,” and then ends his call, bewildered. A mother and her child grin exuberantly as they realize they are in something futuristic.

At the end of the video, the caption says, “By 2030, 25% of Dubai’s transportation will be autonomous.”

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