Celebrating Elon Musk’s 48th Birthday

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Along with his family, many members of the Tesla community came together in their own way this past week to wish Elon Musk a happy birthday.

Tesla Raj and Twitter parody account Steve Jobs each had a creative way of celebrating. Raj compiled a few videos of many Tesla owners and fans wishing Elon a happy birthday from around the world. 

“Steve” made an entire website/card where many sent their greetings along with a photo or video.


Although, I was invited to participate in both, I was a little late to the parties due to my day job. However, I did submit a late video with several other late party goers.


Another lovely graphic was made by Eva Fox on Twitter. The graphic was made of several images. 

Her base image was one of the many beautiful launch photos made into a card with the “faces” of dozens of Twitter users in the Tesla community with the caption: We love you so much. You inspire millions of people and make our planet better.

The Rap Video

Can you imagine saying, “I have a small cameo in a rap video with Elon Musk?” 

Yeah, me neither, but it’s true and I am not the only one. Many of the familiar faces in the video are Maye Musk, Elon Musk, Grimes, Yusaku Maezawa, CleanTechnica, Vincent, Ross Gerber, Cathie D. Wood, TesLatino, Niche Gamer, Evelyn, MKBHD, and Joe Rogan. 

No, being featured in a rap video with Elon Musk, with Ross Gerber and Joe Rogan as fellow cameos, never crossed my mind when I first started following Elon Musk back in 2018. 

The video is an Elon Musk–themed rap song that was made by Twitter user Love Town Rocket. Yes, his legal name is Rocket.

In the video, an alter-ego Elon Musk raps about the cool things he has done. Rocket Road is where it all goes down and Starlink is where many of the cameos of the community were featured. 

Rocket reached out to me to tell me that I was included in the video. In the message, he mentioned that his idea was to have an Elon Musk alter ego make a rap video that has the feel of a meme-like scrapbook.

Back in March, he had the idea of Elon Musk as an actual rapper. What kind of song would rapper Elon make? With this in mind, he and a team of friends put together this amazing video. 

The goal “was to weave as many Elon-related elements as possible into a coherent mosaic while reflecting the chaos that must be in his genius head.

The ending of the rap video is one of the most positive messages in all of music history. It’s Elon saying “Love is the answer.”

You can watch Elon Musk spit those bars in the video above. 

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Ross Gerber also tweeted that one of his children shares the same birthday with Elon Musk.

There were so many birthday wishes for Elon Musk that he was even trending on Twitter!

screenshot of Twitter by Johnna Crider

One of the most beautiful things is when a community can come together to show love for someone. This is what Tesla fans, SpaceX fans, and other fans of Elon Musk did today. We did it because of the type of person Elon Musk is. He’s not just an engineer, but an inspiration to millions around the world.

Elon, hope your birthday was filled with love, happiness, and joy. Also, don’t just take time out this weekend for yourself. Be sure to make time for yourself every day even if it’s just five minutes. As Evelyn Janeidy wisely said, “Enjoy the waves because there will be highs and lows tides anyways.”

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