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Published on May 29th, 2019 | by Paul Fosse


83-Year-Old Grandmother Loves Her Tesla Model 3 (Video)

May 29th, 2019 by  

Most of the attention the Tesla Model 3 has gotten over the last few years has been from male auto enthusiasts, and that makes sense to me. But no matter who you are, the acceleration and handling of the car forever alters your expectations of cars after you drive it once. That’s why I loved this Model 3 video, it gives a new perspective that we haven’t heard 100 times before.

Eileen is an 83-year-old grandma with 68 years of driving experience. Her first car was a 1953 Ford Victoria. She has only had 9 cars in her life because she keeps her cars for a long time. What pushed her over the edge is she was having trouble finding parts for her old car and she read 10 manufacturers were coming out with electric cars soon. She figured she might as well make the change.

Some great quotes from the video:

“I love it, I have to say I love it, I do!”

“It’s a pleasure to drive.”

“Try it … you’ll like it”

“I don’t think I would sell my Tesla and go back to a gas car.”

“When you take off, you leave everyone behind.”

“The only thing I don’t like is it is a 4 door.”


What I learned from this video is that you shouldn’t assume someone is too old to drive a Tesla Model 3. She won’t customize every setting like I do, but there is no reason she can’t enjoy the advantages of electric transport like I do.

I encourage you to watch the video yourself to get a different perspective on a market that is sure to grow. Additionally, I think as Tesla gets Full Self Driving working, the older demographic* will flock to the brand because it will be a car that people can continue to use safely even when they can no longer safely drive.

*Editor’s note: I hear the “baby boomer” generation is pretty big. Perhaps the timing of Full Self Driving is less considered than it should be with regard to future Tesla demand. 
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