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Published on December 10th, 2018 | by Zachary Shahan


Doctor Checkup: 10 Auto Companies With Largest Market Cap

December 10th, 2018 by  

I recently published an article about Tesla passing up Daimler in market cap/valuation. Some readers were disappointed that Toyota was included in the chart and wasn’t mentioned. Honda and Nissan weren’t included either. So, here’s the full list of the 10 top automakers by market cap.

As you can see, Tesla lands in the #3 spot, already solidly ahead of Daimler and BMW, but still well behind Toyota and Volkswagen. Toyota looks like it takes a ginormous dose of stock steroids, but as we all know, steroids are not smart policy in the long term, especially hydrogen-fueled steroids.

After the chart and table, I’ll provide a quick rundown of the EV policy of each of these top automakers. Perhaps it will help you consider the direction of these companies in the coming years, but note that this is definitely not investment advice (I’d never dare give that!) and I personally have financial investment in Tesla that I don’t intend to give up until Tesla is benevolently ruling the world — or is at least worth a lot more than today.

Market Cap (billions)
Toyota $195.19
Volkswagen $81.52
Tesla $62.26
Daimler $56.87
BMW $53.49
Honda $48.71
GM $46.06
Nissan $36.46
Ford $32.97
FCA $24.81

1. Toyota

Totally jacked on hallucinogenic dreams of hydrogen and psychologically paralyzed by its desire that the era of conventional hybrids never end. Will it clean up its act? Will it get motivated to be a better man corporate actor? Too early to tell.

2. Volkswagen

Huge diesel-chugging hangover. Appears to be awakening from its stupor via huge shots of electric superfood juice, but occasionally stumbles and then grumbles that it can’t get up so fast. Should be rolling strong in a few hours, though.

3. Tesla

rEVolution, baby!

And a S-3-X-Y one at that!

4. Daimler

It’s committed. Or not. Maybe. But for what? Wait a second, are we still in Kansas, Toto?

5. BMW

Thinks it can throw some golf cart batteries in a bunch of gasmobiles and call it a day. The ultimate compromise machines. iNext? Maybe iDead. Or is an electric powerhouse waiting in the closet, ready to bust out and surprise us all?

Haha. I know, I know.

6. Honda

While poor king of the hill Toyota is hooked on some bad hydrogen drugs, this younger brother from another mother has learned the wrong lessons from its role model and might not have the cash or career to survive the looming crash on Skid Tritium Row. Our condolences to a once great leader in fuel economy with so much electric potential. You can take Honda out of Hydrogenland but you can’t take the H out of Honda.

7. GM

GM, GM. … Keeps jumping the gun with confident predictions about winning the World Cup because of a few uplifting friendlies, yet seemingly unwilling to match the conviction or commitment of drunkard VW let alone a full-season, 100% focus on the sport. Thinks cutting half its squad will be of help while leaving its star athletes in polo.

8. Nissan

Was gaining ground on the competition until some internal competition and sabotage threw the whole plan off course. Can the leadership pick itself off the floor, make amends, and follow through with an aggressive gameplan? It’s not an easy time to bet on that happening.

9. Ford

Hiding under the bed sheets, you can probably write this one off right now. Sometimes mumbles about building up some courage, but then slips back under the covers. Not looking bright at the moment, or at any time in recent years.

10. FCA

Somehow keeps scoring lucky points, yet won’t build a strategy around these gifts from above. Seems intent on self-sabotage, self-destruction, and shrinking dreams. Or maybe it needs just one more lucky shot to wake up and march into the electrifying promised land. Unfortunately, believes it is right-handed when it’s actually left-handed. And has horridly slow reflexes.

Disagree with any of these assessments? Tell me what I’m missing or misunderstanding.

Check out more pieces in our Morning Monkey Business series if you like this kind of nonsense. Avoid those archives like the plague if you think I’m an idiot who should stick to straight reporting and boring charts. Either way, have a nice day. 

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