24 Miles Per Hour On The New Boosted Stealth Electric Skateboard (CleanTechnica Review)

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The world around seems to fade to streaks as the board seems to almost fly over the pitter-patter of the asphalt road. The light dusting of beach sand blowing across the road makes the situation even more dicey as the normally grippy wheels are already toying with the idea of traction as 2,100 watts of power just beg to rip free from the ground altogether. Sweaty palms. Bent knees. These streets were normal just a few minutes ago. Everything changed when I tapped the button on the controller three times in rapid succession to kick the board into hyper mode.

Boosted’s new Stealth board looks very much like the previous versions of the board, but much like the name implies, that is all just a cover to keep it flying under the radar. In reality, the Stealth is a wild dog, ready to chase after a bunny at a moments notice…but there’s no bunny. Or maybe I’m the bunny and the controller is just begging me to crank it up one more time. It’s all getting a bit blurry as the board takes off and my body crouches down, knees bent in search of the tenuous balance as the adrenaline hits my bloodstream again. Sweaty palms. My body begs for more as my brain tells my hand to lay off the acceleration.

Boosted Stealth electric skateboard

The Stealth represents a step change improvement compared to the boards Boosted has previously released, with more power, a higher top speed of 24 miles per hour | 39 kilometers per hour, extended range at 14 miles | 23 kilometers, a new deck, and a new aesthetic.

Before I dive in, it is worth mentioning that any of the personal light electric vehicles out there have the potential to be both the best thing in your day and the worst thing because they are dangerous. Zipping around on a skateboard at 24 miles per hour can very quickly take a turn for the worse so please, wear a helmet, knee pads, and wrist guards. I’ve taken plenty of lumps, bruises, and cuts over the years to learn this lesson the hard way, so don’t take your safety for granted and protect yourself. You’ll thank me, I promise.

The muted tones Boosted used in the Stealth take away the edginess of the bright orange wheels and green hubs used on the second generation Boosted Dual+ and instead replace them with a set of muted grey ‘Stratus’ wheels. These puppies are muted until the board is powered on and the beast is set loose, at which point you realize that what Boosted meant when they said ‘the highest roll speed of any boosted board to date’ translates to ‘hold on for dear life’. Then, they turn into the only saving grace of the board as the motors fight to break traction as the wheels do their best to hold onto whatever surface is below them. In their defense, they do a pretty darned good job at holding on, considering what the dual motors are throwing at them.

Boosted Stealth electric skateboard

The new Super Flex Composite Deck that everything else on the Stealth is bolted to is extremely understated because it is absolutely nothing like its predecessors. Yes, it is the same shape, has most of the same gear bolted to the bottom, and has grip tape on top, but that’s about it. This is a completely different deck, and truth be told, it was one of the changes that I was the most worried about and the most excited about at the same time with the Stealth. Previous generation Boosted boards made use of a Loaded Bamboo deck which was sturdy and offered a great amount of predictable flexibility. That helps with carving and gives the board a very natural feel to it when riding.

The new Super Flex Composite Deck from Boosted starts off with a poplar wood spine that gives the board a more natural, springy feel. The poplar spine is insulated with a wrapping of high density foam that absorbs some of the bumps and rattles that can come from high speed boosting and makes the board feel a bit more manageable when whipping around town.

Boosted Stealth electric skateboard

These two are wrapped with triaxial fiberglass sheeting that adds a ton of strength and increases the rigidity of the board with a few extra layers up at the nose and tail for extra strength where it counts. This was my biggest concern with the new design, as triaxial fiberglass is by design extremely strong in every lateral direction. After putting some mileage on the board, it is noticeably stiffer than previous generations, but in a way that makes it feel more capable of the higher speeds. This isn’t your grandpa’s bamboo deck anymore, kids.

To finish off the new deck, Boosted added polymer rails that are more robust than wood and fiberglass for the areas on the board that are the most likely to rub up against curbs. The polymer rail takes it one step further as it isn’t just more durable, but its surface actually decreases the friction with whatever it might rub up against. Ultimately, the new deck is like the ultimate chassis for the supercar of electric skateboards, and while it definitely rides differently than previous generations, the stability that it adds feels right at home at top speed.

Boosted Stealth electric skateboard

The controller has also been given a tune up which makes it feel a bit edgier and makes even the lower speeds on the board feel a bit edgier. That sensation gets supercharged in the new Hyper mode that takes off the leash altogether, letting the board speed up to what feels like a warp speed of 24 miles per hour. That’s ironically when things slow down a bit as the acceleration tops out. Carving feels more natural with the controller pegged. The ability to downshift to one of the board’s lower settings is a welcome relief, as just the ability to blast up to 24 miles per hour is a bit too much to handle for day-to-day commuting.

One of my favorite things about the entire Boosted experience is the controller. It continues to be the most intuitive, well tuned controller available with any board, anywhere.

Overall, the new Boosted Stealth is a terror of a board that takes everything Boosted has done to date to the next level. Faster, longer, stronger, more reliable…it’s a match made in skateboarding heaven. The reliability of Boosted’s products has been proven over countless thousands of miles, and the team there continues to improve them to ensure they will withstand thousands of miles per year of abuse and keep on ticking.

More information about the $1,599 Boosted Stealth can be found on the official Boosted Stealth website.

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