Easycharge.me Brings Full-Featured Premium Vehicle Charging To Parking Structures

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It’s been a while since we checked in with Easycharge.me and found out what’s new with its innovative Leviamp charger, which delivers a premium, easy-to-use, ceiling-mounted vehicle charging solution to indoor garages. But the company has apparently been busy nailing down its proprietary tech and looking for angels to help it scale up production.

Charging in parking garages has long been a clunky process, with chargers largely being relegated to a wall-mounted position at the front of the vehicle, which is only convenient for a handful of cars and in some cases makes charging impossible. The frustration caused by too many awkward public charging sessions pushed Easycharge.me founder Artur Sychov past the breaking point. As an entrepreneur and electric vehicle driver, Artur naturally saw the issues with public charging in parking garages as an opportunity and took to the drawing board.

The blood, sweat, and tears he put into developing a solution resulted in the new ceiling-mounted charging solution that is Leviamp, and after years with electric cars and having test driven over a dozen of them for CleanTechnica reviews, I can say that this solution truly takes charging to the next level.

At its core, Leviamp is a 22kW ceiling-mounted charging solution with an arm that can swing around to nearly any position on the car to accommodate various charging port locations and parking styles. Drivers simply need to pull the charging arm down from its elevated position and swing it around to the correct location for their vehicle. This basically future-proofs your charging spot to accommodate any electric car you may jump into in the coming years — not just the one you have today.

With the charger pulled down, drivers can then make payment and plug in directly on the lower section of the charging arm. Making the charging location accessible and adaptable to various types of cars and parking styles is a game changer in and of itself, but the Leviamp has more tricks up its sleeve than just plug-in vehicle charging.

The ceiling-mounted design of the Leviamp charger makes it much more convenient to run power to the charger, while at the same time, makes the likelihood of vehicles damaging the charging equipment nearly impossible. It also makes it the perfect place for property owners to install lighting. The folks at Easycharge.me, of course, thought of that and included two fully functional light bars in the charger.

But we’re not done yet. …

That’s Artur, btw.

Leviamp TECH takes things to the next level with a built-in projector and camera. The camera can be used to detect when a car is parked in the spot either to give parking lot operators visibility into charger availability or for security purposes.

Easycharge.me has the capability to inform potential customers of the availability of each charging spot, even allowing them to stream a video of the spot to confirm that it’s truly available. From there, the spot can be reserved, solving another chronic problem with public charging solutions.

On the surface, a projector seems like an odd addition to a parking structure. What, are we going to stream movies on the floor of the parking spot? Nope, it’s way cooler than that and you don’t even have to make popcorn. For starters, it makes labeling a parking spot as an EV-only spot that much easier and more visible. When the spot is reserved, it can project specific details onto the floor, like “Reserved for Elon Musk” or “Reserved for CleanTechnica Lover [Your Name Here].”

These 22kW stations truly take parking structure vehicle charging to the next level in so many new ways. This is a tough spot in the market for the growth of electric transport, something we’ve highlighted in different ways in our two EV charging reports this year — one on the state of public EV charging and one on EV charging guidelines for cities.

News from the company is that it now has been granted a European patent for its innovative charging solution. It also has patents pending in the US, China, Japan, and other countries. Furthermore, as noted at the top, the company is looking for investors who have an eye toward the future of EV charging in order to scale up production and get this solution into countless garages around the world. (For investment inquiries, you can contact investors@easycharge.me )

For more information, head on over to Easycharge.me — well, after you check out Fully Charged’s overview of the Leviamp charger:

Full disclosure: This is definitely not a sponsored article. We just really love this tech, Artur, and his leadership in this field.

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