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Published on February 8th, 2018 | by Tina Casey


Muni World 2018 Preview: Cyber Security, Solar Power, & Brainstorming A Better Tomorrow

February 8th, 2018 by  

CleanTechnica is reporting live from the Muni World 2018 conference and expo in Tel Aviv next week, where we’ll be taking a look at clean tech from the urban cyber security angle and checking out the collaborative strategies that make smart cities, well, smart. We’ll be focusing especially on solar and other renewables along with water, bicycles, EVs, and more.

The non-profit organization Vibe Israel is sponsoring the trip so thanks, Vibe! The last time Vibe guested CleanTechnica we brought back news from Arava in the heart of Israel’s diesel-killing solar revolution.

What’s Cooking In The Solar Sauce?

Before getting to cyber security, here’s a preview of some of some of the exhibitors we’ll be checking out at the Muni World expo:

BLITZMOTORS — today BLITZMOTORS has become a recognized leader in the global electric urban two-wheel revolution.

Golan Solar — Golan Solar has been managing, advising and supervising solar projects since 2010.

Eneltec — Energy saving systems intended for individual energy saving for existing fixtures that include the magnetic ballast, igniter and power factor correction capacitor.

Gal-Or — brought to Israel a range of high-quality solar lighting solutions.

D.O.G Solar — D.O.G. Solar company present a unique solar lighting system.

Bike Israel Cycling Ltd — Bike Park Israel design and build Bike parks, pump tracks, and Singletracks all over Israel.

Water For Nature — Israel’s leading specialists in: Green drainage; Development and application of innovative, biological, high-flow water treatment systems; Design of ecological parks and river restoration.

Mehalev —  The Israeli Center for Accessibility, Safety and Quality of life is a one stop shop for consulting, supplying and installation of solutions disabled people.

ALON GROUP — was founded in 1974 and for more than 40 years has been developing and manufacturing sanitation and equipment.

Cadenza — has developed the world’s first all-weather outdoor concrete piano intended for use in public places.

Want more? Here’s the full list of exhibitors, so use the comment thread to put in a request and we’ll try to stop by their booth.

CyberSecurity And Smart Cities

So much for the fun stuff. As if cybersecurity wasn’t already complicated enough already, recent developments that overlap with clean tech — like blockchain, digital currency, and driverless cars — are adding to the mix.

Muni World participants are taking on a load of challenges in Topic #1 of the conference, “Smart Cities Under Attack:”

As cities become smarter, the existence of citizens is left vulnerable to cyber attacks that threaten to shut down critical infrastructures, leading to chaos and major disasters. Join efforts with the leading Israeli and global cyber guardians in war game exercises, learn major cyber fight strategies and technologies. Cyber security thought leaders will present new cyber weapons and prognosis on cybercrime developments.

On a lighter note, Topic #2 is “MOA: The Joint Urban Venture,” which is kind of a DIY manual for cities to incubate private sector companies that can benefit the public good (MOA stands for Municipally Owned Accelerator):

Mayor’s offices in Israel change the paradigm of the relationship between startups and city to mutually beneficial collaboration…The most prominent startups, working on solving municipal challenges, and their partners in mayor’s office will showcase this successful ecosystem in action.

Israel likes to make the point that it accounts for an outsized proportion of the world’s innovations. That applies to both cybersecurity and clean tech, so this should be an interesting week.

Aside from coverage of Israel’s solar power initiatives, other recent developments that caught the CleanTechnica eye include the country’s foundational photovoltaic research, new pumped hydro plans, its relationship with Tesla, and its ongoing collaboration with the US (including this interesting floating PV project).

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Image (screenshot): via Muni World.

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