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Published on November 27th, 2017 | by Zachary Shahan


The Future Is Now, Keep Calm & Charge On — CleanTechnica Shirts, Hoodies, & Mugs Are Back!

November 27th, 2017 by  

A happy CleanTechnica reader.

We were selling CleanTechnica shirts and mugs for a while, remember?

Yes, it was many months back. What happened is the store we were going through had a change and could/would no longer print t-shirts on organic cotton. We thought, “Okay, we’ll find someone else.” We didn’t realize how insanely hard it would be to find an online store that offered organic cotton t-shirts and a decent shopping experience (and didn’t charge far more money than we’d make selling shirts).

After much work (a big thanks to Andrea Bertoli for doing the legwork on this one), we now have a CleanTechnica store up and running again — just in time for Cyber Monday!

If you want a cool CleanTechnica, EV Obsession, or Gas2 shirt, hoodie, baby onesie, mug, or bag, head on over to our store and poke around. We won’t be making a fortune on these, of course, but some of the revenue from any purchases does go to CleanTechnica to support our never-ending and seldom-pausing editorial work.

Another happy CleanTechnica reader.

Below are a handful of quick notes that might help you out to read ahead of time as well:

◊ The main shirt options — “the future is now” and “Keep Calm and Charge On” — are available without the CleanTechnica or EV Obsession names/logos on the shirt, or you can get them with one of the logos on the bottom-left side.

First, pick the design option you want, and then you’ll be funneled into the various product options for that design. To jump straight to the options for any of these, here are direct links:

The Future Is Now — w/out CleanTechnica name/logo

The Future Is Now — w/ CleanTechnica name/logo

Keep Calm and Charge On — CleanTechnica design but w/out name

Keep Calm and Charge On — CleanTechnica design w/ name on bottom

Pure CleanTechnica logo

Keep Calm and Charge On — EV Obsession w/out logo/name

Keep Calm and Charge On —EV Obsession w/ logo & name

Pure EV Obsession logo

GAS2 — Hugging Trees, Burning Rubber

◊ Once you select a style, you can choose between colors. We don’t have the option to change color options on each individual choice, so just watch out for color mismatches that might render the text hard to read.

◊ Unfortunately, not all of the products are organic cotton — only some of the t-shirts are. Be sure to check carefully if you just want organic products.


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