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Published on September 14th, 2017 | by Zachary Shahan


Angel Investor & VC: Tesla Model 3 “One Of 3 Greatest Tech Products Ever” & Will Make BMW 3 Series Biz “Go To Zero”

September 14th, 2017 by  

Early Tesla Model 3 owners are expected to love the car. They are longtime Tesla owners, investors, employees, and supporters. Without a doubt, letting them share their impressions of the insanely hot product with the world before anyone else can spend quality time with the car is a great way to have the media blast out powerful love vibes for the car to every demographic imaginable.

With 455,000 Tesla Model 3 reservations reportedly on the books, investors and analysts across the tech and auto world have been more than happy to throw their two cents into discussions about the car, the future of the auto industry, and Tesla [NASDAQ: TSLA]. That’s $455 million in deposits that reservation holders have sent Tesla in order to be “at the front of the line,” making it sort of easy to have a bullish stance on the product and the company at this point.

That said, fresh comments from a couple of prominent Silicon Valley techies seem to go even beyond Elon Musk’s enthusiasm.

First of all, Jason Calacanis, a Silicon Valley angel investor we featured in an article a few weeks ago who has a Model 3, went on a tweetstorm a few days ago that should make my overly enthusiastic articles about the Model 3 look like crumbs on the floor. Here they are:

For the one about Tesla bears, unfortunately, that could legitimately be true, so let me quickly say that I hope no one makes such an illogical decision over money, pride, and fear.

But the overall message is chilling, even to me. Every step of the way, it seems this car has been better than expected. Now, one of the first people to own the car says … it’s one of the 3 best tech products in history.

If you missed Jason’s comments on CNBC a few weeks ago, be sure to check those out as well.

Following Jason’s enthusiastic comments, a Silicon Valley venture capitalist who Jason probably knows pretty well or at least greatly respects (going on this tweet and this one), Social Capital founder Chamath Palihapitiya, claimed that the “entire [BMW 3 Series] business is going to go to zero” and that “people are fundamentally misunderstanding the demand of the Model 3.” It sounds like Chamath might have read a recent (hugely popular) CleanTechnica article (and/or this one and/or this one and/or this one and/or this one and/or this one), but I’m not so sure about the entire BMW 3 Series getting wiped out. I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets slammed like a golf cart in a high-speed crash, and I’m sure that will put a distressing dent in BMW’s finances, but I presume the 3 Series and BMW will survive and live to tell the tale another day.

Morgan Stanley’s Adam Jonas, who has historically been quite bullish on Tesla [NASDAQ: TSLA] apparently agrees. He “pushed back on Palihapitiya’s claim, noting international and political contexts to the businesses,” as CNBC puts it.

Chamath gets the closing word, though:

“There is not a single person of right, sound mind and body, if you could build a Tesla Model 3 online and get it delivered in 30, 60, 90 days, or you have the choice of buying the BMW 3 Series will choose the BMW.”

Indeed. I agree.

Do the masses know this right now? No.

Will they find out within the coming year or two? Many of them certainly will.

What’s the story 3 years from now, and 5 years from now? We’ll see. …

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Photo of Model 3 at top by Jason Calacanis . Photo of Chamath Palihapitiya by Cmichel67 (some rights reserved). Other photos by Tesla. Video by me.

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