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Published on August 21st, 2017 | by Zachary Shahan


Tesla Model 3 vs Other Electric Cars … 455,000 Reservations From $0 In Conventional Ads … Top Electric Car Countries (Top 20 CleanTechnica Stories of the Week)

August 21st, 2017 by  

The top 20 articles of the week didn’t include a single Tesla article, and especially not a Tesla Model 3 article! (Just kidding.)

Check out the 20 most popular CleanTechnica stories of the past week via the list below. Enjoy!

  1. Tesla Model 3 vs Electric Competitors (The Straight Specs)
  2. $0 In Tesla Advertising = 455,000 Model 3 Reservation List — via EV Annex
  3. Top Electric Car Countries (Charts) — via EV Annex
  4. How Efficient Will Solar PV Be In The Future? 10-Year Predictions For The Industry
  5. Will Tesla Model 3 Become Top-Selling Car In USA? #2? #3? #5?
  6. “We’ve got to place big bets” (Bill Ford, Jr.): OK, Then Launch An Electric (Not Hybrid) Mustang!
  7. Solar Plants Are Cropping Up On Farms — via Nexus Media
  8. Will Renewable Energies Displace Natural Gas? — via EnergyPost
  9. The Economist Announces The Death Of The ICE (Finally) — via EV Annex
  10. South Miami = 1st City Outside California To Enact Rooftop Solar Mandate
  11. Researchers Create New Passive Cooling Material That Uses No Energy Or Water
  12. Electric Cars vs Gasmobiles, Technically Speaking (VIDEO) — via EV Annex
  13. Australian Wind Energy Continues To Deliver Record Low Prices — via RenewEconomy
  14. Tesla Model S 75 & Model X 75 Get Upgrades, & “1 Second Quicker” To 60 MPH — via Gas2
  15. Germany’s Angela Merkel Looks To Electrification As Future Of German Auto Industry
  16. BYD Song Is China’s Tesla Model Y (China Electric Car Sales Report)
  17. This Containerized Solution Brings Clean Water & Solar Power To Remote Areas
  18. Morgan Stanley Predicts Market For Grid Storage Will Explode In Next 3 Years
  19. First Black Start On Germany’s Grid — via the ECOreport
  20. President Trump Has An Oil Problem — via Nexus Media

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