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Air Quality

Published on August 13th, 2017 | by Cynthia Shahan


Smogathon 2017 Global Competition For Smog-Fighting Innovations

August 13th, 2017 by  

We live on a planet beset by air pollution. We also live in a world rich in creative, innovative minds. Here is a chance for positive change and a place for those innovative minds to do their magic.

Along with all the magical gnomes, Poland is calling out to those environmental, innovative minds. If you or your company have any solution that can help fight air pollution, Smogathon is a contest for you!

Smogathon 2017 is a global competition for smog-fighting innovations. The application deadline is August 15, so get on it if you have an idea to submit.

“Smogathon is an initiative aiming to fight the air pollution through technology. The idea is to get start-ups from all over the world to compete for $25,000 in cash and $75,000 as a contract to implement their idea in Krakow, in order to find the best solutions to solve the problem of smog. Over 92% of the world’s population inhales unhealthy air and over seven million people worldwide die prematurely every year because of smog. This needs to stop and we’re here to help!”

Poland is a country filled with pockets of pragmatic inspiration looking for change. However, there is a great deal of air pollution in certain cities — as there is in many of the world’s popular cities. The people behind Smogathon want to change that, and they want to help people in other cities clean up their air as well.

Lily and one of Poland’s magical gnomes

Smogathon provides more info: “Who can apply? We welcome any group that works as a registered company, start-up, foundation, or a research group with a legal entity. The main requirement is that your solution needs to fight smog. It can be an air purifier, a device that measures the levels of pollutants, or anything that can help! … If your team needs to travel more than 500 kilometers in order to participate in a semifinal, we can provide you with the financial support of up to $500 to cover (part of) your travel expenses.”

Recall an earlier CleanTechnica story and what Daan Roosegaarde said as he held up what looked like a plastic bag of black coal dirt. “It is really weird that we accept it as something normal. It is smog.”

There is lots of magic in Poland. Here is a chance to be part of it. And if you make it over, travel while you are there — book a Tesla Shuttle.

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Images: Lily and Gnome by Cynthia Shahan (All Rights Reserved), Smogathon screenshots, and Tesla Shuttle


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