Grunner Mobile Vehicle Technology Daily Commuter By Day, Off-Road By Night

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Croatia-based Grunner developed its Mobile Vehicle Technology and Absolute Design, which boasts a very generous 2.2 kW of power and 112 miles of range. Now you can have dessert at the same time. This daily commuter doubles as a weekend off-road electric bicycle (e-bike). Mr Hyde, meet Dr. Jekyll.
Grunner Mobile Vehicle Technology

Grunner Mobile Vehicle Technology, Peaceful Daily Commute

The Grunner Mobile Vehicle Technology is certainly a well-developed e-bike, at least on paper. And while e-bikes tend to stay in a specific category and excel, or sometimes not within that narrow bandwidth of a clientele, some other manufacturers decide to take on two fronts simultaneously.

Hence the Grunner Mobile Vehicle Technology, which shows that you can have your dessert at the same time as dinner.

Grunner Mobile Vehicle Technology

The somewhat mild mannered look of the Grunner Mobile Vehicle Technology by day hides a hidden aspect of its personality that might take a few other e-bikes by surprise when you meet one on the road. Although the Grunner Mobile Vehicle Technology leans on the muscular side, it does it in a straightforward and certainly not flashy way.

Although the Grunner Mobile Vehicle Technology looks like and certainly can go head to head with the likes of Stealth and Rimac, it’s polyvalent nature makes it a firm sensible choice when you want it all.

Grunner Mobile Vehicle Technology

On The Technical Side of Things with the Grunner Mobile Vehicle Technology

Grunner Mobile Vehicle TechnologyWith its TIG-welded steel frame, the Grunner Mobile Vehicle Technology houses a 1.5-kWh lithium-ion battery pack within its composite frame. The bike has a 112-mile range estimate in Eco Mode, roughly 180 km or the 62 miles in Power Mode (about 100 km), and takes 90 minutes to recharge from empty.

For other obvious reasons, the various modes throttle the output, which in turn raises or lowers the expected range. The Eco Mode restricts the electric motor to just 250 W with pedal-assistance at 16 mph, or 25 km/h top speed. The Power Mode opens up the rest of the juice, and the power now bumps up to 2.2 kW. At that stage, it obviously makes the bike illegal on streets and only legal in Eco mode. Once the full output has been unlocked, you better be on an off-road or private road since the e-bike will mostly be outlawed in most places. At that point, top speed jumps to 31 mph, about 50 km/h.

Grunner Mobile Vehicle Technology

What makes the Grunner Mobile Vehicle Technology a wonderful middle ground between an everyday commuter and an off-road beast is that it rides on 200 mm (7.9 in) RockShox suspension front and a steel coil in the rear. But the Grunner Mobile Vehicle Technology is no lightweight contestant either, albeit not bad for that kind of performance. It weighs 55 lb, roughly 25 kg, catapulted at 31 MPH and relying on powerful Shimano hydraulic systems. The regenerative braking system helps the hydraulic brakes by recuperating an extra 1 kW of power back into the pack.

Grunner Mobile Vehicle Technology Pricing

Obviously, pricing at this levels starts higher than your garden variety entry-level e-bike, no matter how sporty. The Grunner Mobile Vehicle Technology starts at $4,550 (€4,000), which all things considered is more affordable than other e-bikes in this category. Also let’s not forget that the Grunner Mobile Vehicle Technology is still $2,280 (€2,000) cheaper than the wild Rimac Greyp G-12, which I had the pleasure to ride. The Greyp G-12 was about as nose happy as the amount of throttle you are willing to apply to it. It develops such a kick in the pants that I needed to fully lean into the bike if I didn’t want to pop a wheely accelerating. Yeah, it’s that wild!

Since price is always a sticky point, let’s get out of the way that this won’t be your average $2,000, $3,000, nor even $4,000 e-bike, although it is $3,000 cheaper than a Stealth H-52, which we wrote about here.  Yes, it has a higher top speed and it too blends the limit further between electric bicycles, electric scooters, mopeds, and electric motorcycles. It’s set to go on sale by the end of summer in the Northern Hemisphere.

When can we get our grubby hands on this powerful e-bike? According to the company, sales are set to start by the end of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere.

Grunner Mobile Vehicle Technology, Final Thoughts

High-end off-road bike choices abound, and given the right budget, you will find enough to satisfy your weekend adventure and warrior thrills. The same thing applies to more docile everyday e-bike commuters, yet the Grunner Mobile Vehicle Technology offers something that will surely speak to many, for daytime commuters and nighttime off-road fun.

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