Your Used Nissan Leaf Might Be Appreciating. You Can Thank Overseas Cities (For Banning Gas Cars)

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The good news today is all of my regular EV charging spots were filled with other Nissan Leafs. I’m used to seeing Teslas and Chevy Volts. Of late, I spotted a few more Leafs. People do love the airy, comfortable Leaf. There’s more good news if you own a Nissan Leaf — your used Leaf is appreciating. According to Torque News, “It might be the only car in history whose price isn’t depreciating but appreciating.”

Why this shift? Douglas Stansfield was inquiring recently to find a used Nissan Leaf. He writes, “I met the business owner and he explained that now was not the time to try and buy a used Nissan Leaf. That made me sad, as 3 months ago, used 2013 Nissan Leafs were selling around here for around $7000. He said that isn’t the case anymore. It is over $10,000 now and approaching $11,000.”

It’s not so good if you are looking for an emissions-free car used as a second car.

That is up by $3000 in three months, but why? It turns out the market increase of the Nissan Leaf is not because of the USA market increasing. It’s the overseas market that’s swelling. Troubled, congested, polluted cities (overseas) determined to clear the old air pollution and are shutting out ICE cars in their city centers. CleanTechnica reported earlier on this shift (see: Diesel Car Sales Slow Somewhat In Germany Following Talk Of Potential City Bans, for example). Also taxi companies are transitioning to electric cars for the same reasons.

Stansfield reports, “More and more cities across the world are blocking traffic to the inner cities to gasoline powered vehicles.” If you want to drive there, you need an electric car. He was advised not to sell his Leaf yet.

However, note that this isn’t necessarily the story everywhere. This is by no means a comprehensive study, and used Leaf prices are probably still dropping in many areas.

Though, Stansfield seems convinced that this is a time to hold rather than sell if you can wait. Torque News continues, “Cars from all over the USA were in that warehouse. California cars to New Jersey cars. The market has shifted and the price of your used EV could be going up so don’t sell yet as it might be the only car in history whose price isn’t depreciating but appreciating.”

Apparently it is the Nissan Leaf drivers want, Stansfield continues, “This doesn’t apply to all EVs the owner stated. He said the Soul EV was not liked overseas for whatever reason and he thought it was because of the rear seat leg room.” Well, I can tell you the leg room and spacious back seat of the Leaf is impressive.

Though, the electric Smart Car is another one that’s apparently in high demand, perhaps in part due to its great city-friendly size.

Stansfield continues, “I have no idea why but the fact of the matter is that the used EV market is not just local. It is being affected by policies set by governments around the world now. Over and over, we have seen the EV market affected by tax policy and government incentives and have proven to distort the EV marketplace. Georgia tax policy should a huge increase in Nissan Leaf sales a few years ago and then it was canceled the market totally changed as soon as the policy was amended.”

A feeling of gratitude swept over me seeing all those sweet Nissan Leafs charging this morning — even if they were blocking me temporarily from a charge. Change is happening, just with booms and lulls depending on the unique circumstances and incentives of different areas.

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