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Published on April 11th, 2017 | by Matt Pressman


Almost 90% Of Tesla Model 3 Buyers Will Choose Upgrade Options

April 11th, 2017 by  

Originally published on EV Annex.

Ben Sullins is a data scientist who started a fantastic website/community called Teslanomics. He’s also a proud owner of a used Tesla Model S. Fascinated with all things Tesla, Sullins recently looked into some data on the Model 3 to uncover which options were likely to be purchased by the ~400,000 registration holders. So he turned to Paul Carter at model3tracker.info to make some sense of the data compiled thus far via almost 4,000 survey respondents. Trying to synthesize the data, Sullins has created a helpful tool for those who are interested.

Above: Tesla Model 3 (Image: Tesla)

According to Sullins, “The Tesla Model 3 is possibly the most analyzed and hyped car in a decade or more. With many details still undisclosed, several sites have been created to help future owners estimate everything from price to delivery date. In this video, I look at some data sourced from model3tracker.info that shows which upgrades are the most popular across the globe.”

How did Sullins pull the info together? “First, we start by looking at data for the United States, where the largest number of Model 3 reservations are held. Then for each state, we look at the top feature, and I even have a dashboard you can use to see which cities have the most reservations as well as which upgraded features are the most attractive for that state.”

Above: Analysis of Tesla Model 3’s most upgraded features in the US (Image: Teslanomics)

What about Model 3 reservation holders outside the United States? Sullins has you covered: “I also built a similar map for Canada. This dashboard shows the most popular upgrades for Model 3 reservation holders in each province. From there you can click on the province and see the breakdown of most popular upgrades as well as where the reservations are held inside that province. For the EU it was a bit more challenging to create the map by each state or province since the name field in the data source is free-form text. So for the EU I built the same dashboard but by country. The same functionality exists in this dashboard as does in the other two.”

Above: Analysis of Tesla Model 3’s most upgraded features in the EU (Image: Teslanomics)

With so many in the investment community concerned about the profit margin Tesla [NASDAQ: TSLA] will achieve on the Model 3, it’s worth noting that the data shows nearly 90% of those surveyed will choose at least one option. And what’s the most popular option? Not surprisingly, Tesla Model 3 reservation holders want Autopilot. However, Autopilot was actually edged out (as the #1 most desired option) in the EU — instead, EU reservation holders would prefer to upgrade to larger battery sizes. In any event, to check out more from Sullins, and, to tinker a bit more with these charts, be sure to visit Teslanomics.

Reprinted with permission.



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