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Published on March 3rd, 2017 | by Zachary Shahan


100% Wind In Denmark … 30% Cut In Coal In Beijing … 7,000 Solar Railways In India … (Top 30 CleanTechnica Stories of the Month)

March 3rd, 2017 by  

If you want to know my favorite stories of the month, check out this, this, this, and this. I can’t go through the impossible challenge of trying to nail down my 30 favorites of the month from those summaries. However, an objective ranking based on pageviews is always fun, so here are the 30 most popular stories from February:

  1. Denmark Generated Enough Wind Energy To Power All Its Electricity Needs On Wednesday
  2. Reports Reveal Beijing To Cut Coal Use By 30% In 2017
  3. 7,000 Railways Stations In India To Go Solar
  4. Tesla Model S vs Tractor Trailer — Collision Demonstrates How Solidly Tesla’s Sedan Is Built
  5. Uber vs Lyft — What Are The Differences For Drivers? (Part 1: Introductory Process)
  6. Update On Tesla Model S vs Tractor Trailer Collision — New Pics & Details + First-Hand Account
  7. Lyft vs Uber — What Are The Differences For Drivers? (Part 2: $$$ + Electric Range Issues & Support)
  8. Spy Pics Of Next-Gen Nissan LEAF?
  9. From Garbage Trucks To Buses, It’s Time To Start Talking About Big Electric Vehicles (via The Energy Collective)
  10. Tesla Model S & Nissan LEAF Clocked As World’s Best-Selling Electric Cars In 2016
  11. Electric Vehicle Battery Prices Are Falling Faster Than Expected (via Gas2)
  12. Toyota & Utilities Incentivize Efficient Driving In The Prius Prime (In Japan)
  13. Elon Musk & Donald Trump — What’s The Deal?
  14. Tesla Model 3 Air Vents May Be “Invisible” (via Gas2)
  15. Ford: Skip Level 3 Autonomous Cars — Even Engineers Supervising Self-Driving Vehicle Testing Lose “Situational Awareness”
  16. Kia To Introduce All-Electric Niro In 2018
  17. Why The US Army, Navy, & Military Veterans Love Solar Power & Electric Vehicles (via Solar Love)
  18. Tesla May Be Hinting Model 3 Could Be Coming Sooner Than Expected (via EV Annex)
  19. US Electric Car Sales Up 59% In January 2017
  20. 32 Hours Of Marathon Bidding Yields Record-Smashing 4.9¢/kWh Solar Tariffs In India
  21. If White House Destroys The State (As Desired), What Does That Mean For Solar, Wind, & Electric Cars?
  22. Chevy Bolt Review From BMW i3 Owner (Test Drive Review)
  23. GM CEO Mary Barra: Chevy Bolt EV Platform To Be Used For More EV Models
  24. IKEA Growroom Is A DIY Sustainable Garden For City Dwellers
  25. The Lucid Motors Air Is Amazing! (Original Review & Pics & Video — Part 1)
  26. Jimmy Carter Builds 1.3 Megawatt Solar Farm For His Hometown Of Plains, Georgia (via Solar Love)
  27. A Nissan LEAF Service Check (& Chat)
  28. Tesla vs Uber — #TrumpEffect & Branding
  29. Video Of Siemens Electric Plane With 260 kW Motor
  30. 2017 Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid & Electric: First Drive Impression

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