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Published on January 26th, 2017 | by Tina Casey


US Navy Hilariously Trolls Trump On Facebook And Guess What Happens Next!

January 26th, 2017 by  

Okay, so “hilariously trolls” is pure clickbait and so is “guess what happens next,” but who can resist? Don’t judge me! The fact is that on Friday, January 20, 2017 — aka, the National Day of Patriotic Devotion by order of newly inaugurated President Donald Trump — the US Navy posted a rousing endorsement of renewable energy on its Task Force Energy Facebook page.

US Navy Hearts Clean Energy …

Regular readers of this site know that the US Navy is all over renewables like a cheap suit, including solar power, biofuel (check out the Green Growler), ocean power, and the related field of energy efficiency (check out the Green Strike Group).

Despite the concerns of certain Republican legislators from North Carolina, the Navy is dipping into wind power, and it funds foundational research related to clean tech.

On top of all that, outgoing Navy Secretary Ray Maybus has emerged as one of the nation’s most forceful and eloquent advocates for renewable energy and action on climate change.

Here’s a taste from an interview conducted at the 2015 Climate Leadership Conference (at this point in the conversation Maybus has run down a long list of Navy programs involving renewables, energy efficiency and microgrids):

…We’re doing it to be better at our jobs, better at defending this country, better at being warfighters, better Sailors, better Marines. And the culture is changing inside the Navy and the Marine Corps. People are stepping up now with ideas, not just being – just waiting to be told, but saying, I can save some money here. I can save you some energy there. I can do this…

We expect our most junior Sailors, we expect our most junior Marines, to be flexible, to be able to make decisions on their own, and to be able to do whatever it takes to meet whatever challenge comes over the horizon.


… New CiC Does Not

So, who’s going to argue with the US Navy when it comes to powering the fighting force of the future? After all, the US Navy propelled the world’s first modern democracy into global military leadership by hitching its star to historic innovations from Tall Ships to ironclads, coal-fired steamers and nuclear energy, on up to renewable energy.

Be that as it may, Commander-in-Chief Donald J. Trump is ready to rumble. He firmly established his fossil energy cred on the campaign trail, and with the probable exception of coal, he seems fully committed to following through on that promise.

With all this in mind, look what Navy Task Force Energy posted on its Facebook page on January 20, mere hours before President Trump took office:

Having traditionally relied on local, commercial #power grids, military installations and the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) recognize the value of reliable, renewable #energy sources in order to maintain constant operability. In a recent report, Noblis and The Pew Charitable Trusts analyzed the use of #microgrids across the military and hosted a panel discussion featuring Assistant Secretary of the Navy Dennis McGinn speaking on this topic, along with his peers from the #Army and #AirForce.

The post linked to a long form article in the National Law Review titled, “Military Urges Renewed Commitment to Renewable Energy.”

Navy Dropping Energy Truth Bombs All Over Facebook

That Facebook post was not just a one-off.

On January 19, the day before Inauguration Day, the Task Force enthused about a new, 1 million panel solar farm at NOLF Holley, an airfield in California.

That day the Task Force also posted an excerpt from Maybus’s farewell remarks in which he remarked that 60% of the Navy’s onshore energy demand is now supplied from non-fossil sources.

The Navy’s Facebook efforts stick out because since Inauguration Day a number of federal agencies have gone into silent mode on social media, willingly or not. That has prompted persons unknown to set up alternative Twitter accounts:

Trump climate change

We’re waiting for a rogue Navy account to pop up. Meanwhile, the official Task Force Facebook page is still going strong, with new posts this week focusing on energy efficiency, solar cell research, and 3-D printing.

As for what happens next, let’s see how long they can keep it up.

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Photo via US Navy Task Force Energy, Twitter screenshot via Daily Kos.

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