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Published on October 31st, 2016 | by Derek Markham


Clean Energy & Transport News Roundup (Fisker EMotion, Floating Solar, Wind + Hydropower, Solar + Storage…)

October 31st, 2016 by  

In this edition of the clean energy and transport news roundup, we’ve got stories about Singapore’s floating solar test-bed, Swell Energy’s storage solutions, Massachusetts solar successes, a 700 MW solar and wind project for Long Island, Henrik Fisker’s EMotion revealed, Infiniti’s EV, electric motorcycles, an in-depth look at the Tesla Roadster, the 366-mile Honda Clarity fuel cell car, and more.

[CleanTechnica isn’t the only Important Media site to cover clean energy & transport news, and if you’re looking for more stories on electric mobility, bicycles, solar and wind energy, and other related issues, we’ve got them at sites such as Solar Love, CleanTechies, Planetsave, Bikocity, Gas2, and EV Obsession. We also host a large cleantech group on LinkedIn, called CleanTechies Around The World.]

Singapore tests ten floating solar arrays in world’s largest floating test-bed:

Singapore, located at the southern end of the Malay peninsular, is anxious to take advantage of the abundant sunshine it receives to make clean renewable solar power. But there’s a problem. The small nation-state does not have a lot of land available for solar farms. Instead, it is investigating the use of floating solar panels. In fact, once it has achieved its goals, it will boast the largest floating solar panel installation in the world.

Swell Energy will be offering an innovative home energy solar-and-storage solution for residential homeowners:

Instead of manufacturing the entire package, as might be expected, Swell packages batteries made by its partners— LG Chem, Sonnen, and Tesla. The result is an all-in-one residential energy system that is fully integrated and affordable. Since it has a battery-centric product, Swell is a bit different than other companies. 

The journey toward Massachusetts solar energy initiatives has been long, deliberate, and sometimes contentious:

Massachusetts ranks fourth in the nation in terms of cumulative installed solar capacity, according to MassSolar. The state, which has grown from 10 megawatts in 2009 to more than 1,050 megawatts in 2016, has enacted public policies and multiple pathways for solar’s success and permanence.

Keene State College, in New Hampshire, heats with biofuel:

Like most colleges, Keene State College (KSC) in New Hampshire has depended on No. 6 fuel oil for decades to heat most campus buildings. Times, they are a-changing.  Last August, KSC met the demand for heat and hot water entirely through the use of purified waste vegetable oil. Since then, about 36% of the KSC campus, which is situated east of the Green Mountains and experiences all four seasons quite distinctly, has been heated by biofuel, a carbon neutral product.  

Zen Ecosystems launches energy management solution:

Zen HQ has been designed for enterprises with multiple locations using a connected platform which reduces annual energy bills by as much as 30%. According to Zen Ecosystems, many businesses steer away from adopting energy management systems because of high costs and complex deployment and management processes. Zen HQ overcomes these obstacles with a simple energy management solution designed for easy installation and powerful control over HVAC and lighting costs across multi-site operations.

Argentina’s Renewable Energy Tender receives 2,834 MW of solar energy bids.

India’s first offshore wind energy project could be operation in three to five years.

India finalizes guidelines for 1 GW wind energy auction.

Kenya will soon replace its existing feed-in tariff program with competitive auctions.

A new report from Environment Maryland Research & Policy Center proves that residential solar power benefits the community in ways the utility companies don’t want you to know about.

The thin-film solar energy technology firm Siva Power has brought former First Solar executive Bruce Sohn on as its new Vice Chairman of the Board

Turkey is planning to set up one of the largest solar projects in the world:

According to media reports, Turkish ministry of energy and natural resources is planning to launch a tender to set up a 1 GW solar power park. The project will be set up at Konya, in central Anatolia.

Invenergy announces 700 MW wind & solar project for Long Island:

Clean energy developer and owner Invenergy has announced it will develop a 700 MW wind and solar project for Long Island, the largest ever renewable energy project proposed for the region.

Max Boegl Wind AG and GE Renewable Energy partner on what will be the first wind project with an integrated hydropower plant:

Aiming for grid-connection by the end of 2017, and with the hydropower plant set to begin operation by the end of 2018, the project could be a significant step forward for the wind industry. In addition, the wind turbines GE are installing will be the world’s tallest, measuring 584 feet high, with the bottom 131 feet of the turbine acting as a water reservoir, able to hold 1.6 million gallons of water.

Musk calls Tesla Network “People versus Uber”:

During the Q3 earnings call on October 26, Musk made a rather cryptic comment. He said people have been characterizing his car sharing proposal as “Tesla versus Uber or Lyft or something like that. It’s not Tesla versus Uber, it’s the people versus Uber.”

Henrik Fisker unmasks his EMotion Sedan:

The Fisker EMotion will be built by VLF – a company partially owned by Henrik Fisker. The EMotion is due to be shown in public for the first time in mid 2017. Fisker says deliveries will begin shortly thereafter. The first deliveries will be announced after the vehicle is shown in mid 2017.

Infiniti’s first EV to be launched in China:

The Nissan-owned brand Infiniti is eyeing an attractive opening for its first all-electric vehicle, with an eye on the rapid growth underway in the Chinese market, according to recent reports.

Alta Electric Moto-X takes historic first national-level EV win:

Weighing in at 251 lbs. and packing 40 HP from its 13,750 RPM electric motor, the Alta RedShift MotoX electric motorcycle seemed destined for greatness as soon as it debuted. A lot of electric startups look great on paper, though. It remained to be seen whether or not the RedShift could deliver on the track. That’s exactly what happened at Red Bull Straight Rhythm this weekend, where Alta scored its first national-level supercross win. A historic first for an electric motorcycle. (!)

Honda Clarity fuel cell car rated 366 mile range by EPA:

It’s official. The Honda Clarity fuel cell sedan due out by the end of this year is officially rated by the EPA as the longest range electric car offered for sale in America — 366 miles. Now wait a minute, all you Tesla fanatics. Yes, we know there is a world of difference between the Honda Clarity and your beloved Model S, but technically speaking, the range of the Clarity is 100 miles more than the average Tesla and both are electric cars. Sort of.

Audi will withdraw from endurance racing to concentrate on Formula E.

An in-depth look at the Tesla Roadster.

EVs pose a “resoundingly negative” threat to oil giants.

Algae may be the key to better Lithium-ion batteries.

Cadillac XTS vs Nissan LEAF: A review comparison

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