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Published on October 16th, 2016 | by Cynthia Shahan


Electric Bicycle Shop Offers Safe, Progressive Transport Options & Community Conversations

October 16th, 2016 by  

Originally published on Bikocity.

007It’s the time of year in Florida that is perfect for bicycling. From now until July, it is a refreshing active transport option without the worry of torrential summer downpours. I recently stopped by to visit Pedego of Sarasota and owner Michael Weatherby at a local electric bicycle shop that specializes in safe, comfortable electric bicycles in order to talk about electrifying bicycles and bicycling more broadly.

Weatherby was in the shop with another person talking petitions. Along with selling quite a few electric bicycles this year, Weatherby’s shop seems to be one of those “third” places in the community where people come in to unwind and discuss “mundane” matters of life and the city, and in this case differences in city policies.


Bicycling Benefits Body & Brain.

Michael mentioned what holds some people back from bicycling. Maybe you’ll feel up for a ride in the morning but be tired on the way home. Electric bikes can give such commuters that boost. Do it for the fresh air, and by the way, do it for your brain.

Weatherby’s shop is a meeting spot for outdoor travelers. Visitors were discussing another petition designed to acknowledge that, yes, there is a determined culture, a body of pedestrians and bicyclists in Sarasota. Please don’t do away with our sidewalks and bicycle paths. In this instance, Weatherby was discussing a petition about Siesta Key.

Talking with Weatherby I realized the one fault with driving electric (as I do now) is that I lost touch with bicycling routes in Sarasota. I felt refreshed and considered an electric bicycle.

Weatherby said, indeed, it is the 50+ group that has flourished happily in his shop. Finding the perfect electric bicycle, the safer one, is a focus of Weatherby’s shop. Although I have posted a few articles on speedy bicycles, I agree with Weatherby — one must have the perfect road or path for such bicycles and that’s rare (to travel safely at a speed over 30 miles an hour on a bicycle).


Weatherby’s shop sells safe, top-quality electric bicycles and offers a physical space for community voices, but it also offers bicycle rentals, conversions, and service. It’s what we need more to supplement a switch to electric cars and electric buses. If you are looking for a greener business or career, you may want to check out this video:

Weatherby agrees — the electric bicycle business is booming.

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Woman’s silhouette with bicycle mechanism in her brain via Shutterstock; other bicycle images by Cynthia Shahan for CleanTechnica



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