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Published on September 28th, 2016 | by Sponsored Content


Join The 2016 Nationwide Solar Tour — October 1, 2016

September 28th, 2016 by  

To celebrate Energy Awareness Month each October, the American Solar Energy Society (ASES) offers The National Solar Tour, a movement of local solar tours across the nation. The Solar Tour, which will take place on Saturday Oct 1st, includes about 150,000 participants and 5,000 solar-energy sites nationwide. [Disclosure: This is a sponsored post from Illinois Solar Energy Association.]

Is there a Solar Tour in your neighborhood this weekend?

The Solar Tour allows homeowners and businesses already being powered by the sun the opportunity to educate the public on the benefits of solar power!

As one of the ASES state chapters, the Illinois Solar Energy Association (ISEA) will be hosting its 10th annual Solar Tour this Saturday Oct 1st. Over 130 homes and businesses with rooftop solar installations will be open and free to the public throughout the state, offering an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in solar power to talk to real people who have made solar energy a part of their life.

In order to fund public education events like the tour, ISEA is currently hosting a raffle for US residents to win a 2016 Tesla Model S!

Get the details and enter to win a Tesla here!

Do you have questions about what it is like to be sun powered? How much does it cost? Does solar really save money? How difficult is it to get a solar system installed? What about maintenance, warranties, and service? This is your chance have your questions answered by people who have the answers and are happy to share their knowledge. People interested in learning more can find the nearest home or business participating in the Illinois Solar Tour at the ISEA Solar Tour website.

This FREE, self-guided tour works like a series of open houses. Over the past several years, thousands of people have taken advantage of the Illinois Solar Tour to learn more about the economic and environmental benefits of going solar from real solar system owners. There is no better source than someone who has experienced the process of going solar first hand.

Springfield Illinois tour visitors will have a choice of 16 local homeowners and businesses participating in this year’s solar tour, according to the State Journal-Register.

Michael Higgins of Maldaner’s restaurant will be happy to show visitors how the rooftop solar system he installed is helping save his business up to 35% of its energy costs when combined with the use of LED lighting. “Green business is fine, but [going solar] is also just plain good business,” he says.

Springfield resident Bob Croteau will have an open house at his home. He has participated in the Solar Tour three previous years.  “I have a history of hardware that I set out for visitors on the solar tour,” Croteau says. “You can see the module on my roof, and then in my driveway I will have these various other modules.”

The Illinois Solar Energy Association has been active since 1975 in its mission to educate Illinois residents about the environmental and economic benefits of solar power. ISEA works to promote the widespread application of renewable energy through education and advocacy. As a chapter of the American Solar Energy Society, ISEA is Illinois’ local resource for educational classes, events, renewable energy related policy developments, local news, and access to local renewable energy vendors.

Many people have questions about solar power but don’t want to suffer through a sales presentation to get answers. The Illinois Solar Tour is an excellent opportunity to get answers to those questions first-hand from people who have experience with solar power systems at their own homes and businesses.

Neighbors helping neighbors learn more about renewable, sustainable solar power — that’s what the Solar Tour in Illinois and across the nation is all about.

Help ensure that clean energy public education events continue! Enter to Win a 2016 Tesla Model S from ISEA!


This post has been supported by Illinois Solar Energy Association; images from ISEA and ASES


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