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Published on August 3rd, 2016 | by Derek Markham


Chai Energy Aims To Help People Reduce Electric Bills, Earn Money During Peak Demand Events

August 3rd, 2016 by  

To save on your home electric bill, and earn money during peak demand events, simply have some Chai. Chai Energy, that is.

Chai Energy, an LA-based startup, uses a free smartphone app that employs data from smart electric meters to help its users identify energy-saving opportunities, including potential home upgrades based on their own home’s electricity use, as well as inform them about energy-saving tips, in order to reduce their electric bills.

Chai-EnergyAccording to the company, average users can expect to reduce their electricity usage by about 20% with Chai Energy, and can even earn some money from their energy ‘behavior’ thanks to the company’s Power Pay Day program, which lets its users know when to cut their energy usage during demand response events in order to earn the maximum incentives.

Here’s a quick look at the app and the service from KTLA:

“Chai Energy uses powerful analytics to process your utility’s Green Button Data, and delivers this data directly to your smartphone. Chai identifies energy-saving opportunities based on your home’s actual energy consumption, and recommends rebates, incentives, and programs to help you save on your utility bill.”

Chai Energy, which is backed in part by Microsoft Ventures, has just announced a partnership with Energy Upgrade California, which will allow the first 1,000 qualified participants who sign up for Chai Energy to get a free upgrade to Chai Energy Pro, a $49 value. With the Pro plan, participants can see real-time costs for their home electricity use, thanks to the hardware that directly links to the home’s smart meter and allows for users to see which devices are currently running in the home, which could save them an average of $300 per year on home electricity bills.

“Chai Energy Pro collects energy data every 7 seconds from your Smart Meter using the Smart Energy Gateway; a device that connects to your home network. When you upgrade to Chai Energy Pro, the mobile app tracks real-time energy usage, and displays which appliances are on in your home. Chai Energy Pro will show the energy breakdown of your individual appliances, notify you when you’ve left your oven running, and informs you of the available utility rebates for switching out your inefficient appliances.”

In addition to the energy consumption monitoring, Chai Energy Pro users can also have their solar array performance evaluated, get custom recommendations for solving home electricity inefficiencies to further reduce their bills, and be notified of locally available utility rebates that they could qualify for.

Chai Energy currently works with Southern California Edison, Baltimore Gas & Electric, Pacific Gas & Electric, and San Diego Gas & Electric. 



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