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Published on July 30th, 2016 | by Cynthia Shahan


Looking Forward To National Drive Electric Week — Highlights From EcoFriendlyFloridaFest

July 30th, 2016 by  

Looking forward to National Drive Electric Week on September 10, 2016, at Mote Marine in Sarasota, Florida, I want to highlight some of the support and conversation that EV owners and environmental supporters enjoyed at the EcoFriendlyFloridaFest in Sarasota. In particular, we loved talking Tesla colors, while looking at photos from a phone of CleanTechnica and EVObsession posts about which colors Model 3 reservation holders might have to choose from.

At the event, I first met with Mark Malkasian and his Tesla Model S, complete with informative signs.

021 (2) 060 (2)

057 copy069-2 copy023

I also met with Chris Sharek and Larry Chanin again, and Bill Johnson, a solar advocate and entrepreneur. CleanTechnica director (my son) Zach and I met Larry, owner of the Signature Tesla Model S below, last year at the EV Transportation & Technology Summit in Cocoa Beach (see our event archives here). His comments at the summit lit up the group conversations. He founded the Florida Tesla Enthusiasts group out of Sarasota. We loved his red Tesla Model S at first glance.

John, of the Sierra Club, joined Chris, Larry, Bill, and me.


Here are some pics of Larry’s beautiful Signature Red Model S:

061068 (2)

Bill Johnson installs solar panels, via Brilliant Harvest, for the many Floridians who DO want them regardless of the poor policies in Florida. Of course, his Volt’s electric range comes from solar energy!

035VOLT Sunshine

Volt owner Zach Sharek, below, is the youngest EV owner I have ever met.


David Marsh is the owner of the appealing license plate and the delicious dark green Tesla below — (wish that color was still around). I gathered that he invested in his first Tesla because he felt he could not be part of dirty oil’s control anymore.


Coming into the EcoFriendlyFloridaFest, I met some bright, intelligent smiles and chatted with the ecologically keen men owning them — who are working to turn Haiti’s waste into energy. Check out Impact Global Energy, especially the video, and support their inspired work.

“What if we could use this waste to create jobs? Produce energy? Cultivate farming? Change a culture?… We have made it our priority to not only pick up the waste, but to also use this waste to create energy. Only 25% of Haiti has access to electricity. We know how to use the waste to convert it to electricity.”


Inspiring, thoughtful, and useful information was passed my way talking with Ellen Jaffe Jones, author, chef, motivational speaker, vegan educator, and fitness coach, as I was coming into the EcoFriendlyFloridaFest as well.

020 (2)

I was seeing if all my grandchildren would fit into someone’s Model X. On that note, this is a favorite song of the little ones, even the youngest to date. They all know that they want clean air! Beware, though, the video should come with a warning: Creates Young Obsessive EV Advocates. It is intensely hypnotic for the young ones. I am not sure if my grandchildren will now expect to meet all the fish and wildlife in their rides in my LEAF. Solution: Go on nature walks during each EV trip with a grandchild.

Tesla Model X

Here are some more pics from the fun day:

Eco Friends at ECo 052028066 (2) 015 (2)

Come out to Mote Marine on Sept 10 and drive or ride in emissions-free vehicles for yourself! Everyone there is happy to help you know more.

Special thanks to Chris Sharek of Sharek Solutions.

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