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Published on June 1st, 2016 | by Sponsored Content


Yale Offers Inaugural Sustainability Leadership Forum This September

June 1st, 2016 by  

This September 21–23, Yale University* will host the first Yale Sustainability Leadership Forum. “The Forum is indispensable for those wanting or needing to stay abreast of the major changes in environmental thinking in recent years,” asserts the Forum director, Daniel C. Esty. The Forum will be a condensation of Professor Esty’s course entitled, “Sustainability: Environment, Energy, and the Economy in the 21st Century.”

Professor Esty is the director of the Yale Center for Environmental Law and Policy (YCELP) and former Commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.

The Forum is designed for policy makers at all levels of government and from any country, public and private sector executives, and anyone who wants a better understanding of the full range of developing concepts, tools, and strategies essential to leadership in sustainable practices and policies.

This 3-day program will explore sustainability as an overarching framework for life in the 21st century, specifically focusing on the mega trends distinguishing sustainability from its 20th century precursors.

Presenters have been selected for their expertise and teaching skills and collectively offer an essential set of strategies and sustainability principles to guide institutions, governments, businesses, and societies.

Team-taught, the Forum will be organized around modules that each provide in-depth topical study. Topics include:

  • Climate Change as a Case Study: Applying the 21st Century Sustainability Framework
  • Sustainability as a Megatrend
  • The Multiple Scales of Sustainability Governance
  • From “Command and Control” to Market-Based Solutions
  • Moving Toward Data-Driven Decision-Making
  • New Conservation Strategies
  • Industrial Ecology: Closing the Loop
  • Financing Sustainability
  • From Enemy to Ally: The Changing Role of Business
  • Spurring Innovation
  • Sustainability and Spirituality
  • Carbon Charge

Applications are currently being accepted through September 1st and admissions are open. To be considered for a partial scholarships, you must apply by August 1st. For more information on the Forum and to apply, please go to the Yale Sustainability Leadership Forum website.  

*This article has been kindly sponsored by Yale University.


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