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Published on May 4th, 2016 | by Kyle Field


North Carolina Called Out For Duplicitous Blocking Of Tesla Sales

May 4th, 2016 by  


Leilani Münter took to social media and the interwebs on Tuesday to call out the state she calls home for the shenanigans pulled to continue blocking Tesla sales in North Carolina by a consortium of entrenched auto manufacturers. The letter shines a bright light on the state taking action that is counter to the interests and health of the public by blocking sales of a cleaner vehicle in favor of antiquated internal combustion vehicles.

The DMV Commissioner, Mr. Kelly J. Thomas, and the Administrative Hearing Officer, Mr. Larry B. Greene, were both put to task in the letter as the two responsible for the decision. First and foremost, the people of North Carolina want Teslas and believe they are better cars than the others on the market. This is evidenced by the overwhelming support of NC residents (97%) for Tesla’s right to sell cars in NC.

The irony of the state (any state, really) taking the side of VW, which blatantly, intentionally lied to the state and all of its residents about “clean diesel” that wasn’t actually clean but just contained code that was purpose built to lie to state emission-testing hardware. The result is higher particulate matter in our air … all around the world … from hundreds of millions of diesel VWs.

The same VW now wants the state to take its side to block sales of Tesla in NC … because VW knows what’s best for NC residents. On those grounds alone, I would first question and second move to act against anything brought up by a group of auto manufacturers that counted VW as a member. Seriously, folks?

Beyond questioning the relatively obvious motives of the group of car dealers known as the National Automotive Dealers Association (NADA), there’s a pretty strong case to be made that Tesla just makes a better car. The Model S won the “Motor Trend Car of the Year” award, and heck, the Model X won the “CleanTechnica Car of the Year” award, so these are cars that customers want, that people across the board (and across the pond) agree are just plain superior.

Tesla has demonstrated time and time again that its no-haggle sales model and service are top notch and that people absolutely love the cars.

Leilani blows open the war chest of inside scoops on the government and blasts the state leadership for hampering the growth of a company that sources ~30 components from North Carolina. Ironically, chasing potential Tesla buyers off to another state is completely counter to most of the reasons for the government to exist in the first place, as it also chases tax revenues off to other states that are more than happy to oblige…. The fact that Teslas are built in ‘Murica is just the icing on the cake.

The letter is capped off with a call to look towards the future and not to vote for today but in light of how today’s decisions would impact the world for generations to come.

Image courtesy Leilani Münter

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  • Go Leilani! We love you at CT. Thanks for covering, Kyle.

  • SouthernTide7

    It’s rather sad that a state I was raised in has devolved to this level…just sad. Move over Mississippi…the race for the bottom is ON!

    • Ron Spain

      Let’s just pretend that Tesla boycotted our state if it makes you folks feel better. 🙂

      • SouthernTide7

        …well, except that that’s not what happened Ron, as you well know. Not allowing North Carolina residents to make their own choice appears to be fine with you. I guess you are for oppression as well as limited rights for free Americans. How un-American of you.

        • Ron Spain

          Right. It’s fine with me. I’m regularly speaking out for the rights of people that you don’t care at all about. I just honestly don’t give a rat’s hind-regions about this issue. There’s plenty of real oppression in this country, and it’s not about the right to buy these stupid cars or the LGBT BS that some people are so obsessed with. Un-American? And what is American? If you mean a sick country that is in love with LGBT BS while supporting terrorism around the world, then yes, I’m very un-American.

          So as I said, let’s just pretend they boycotted us. I didn’t say that’s what happened. I said let’s pretend.

          • SouthernTide7

            I don”t live in a “pretend” world Ron. You go ahead and pretend all you want. This “stupid car” will change the quality of life for most Americans, and the quality of life. But I guess you dont care about that either.

            I get that you dont give a damn about this issue, so apparently that’s why you have a comment on it so much.

            BTW, I grew up in Appalachia, dont pretend to know me or what I care about. That would make you rather….

      • Bob_Wallace

        Let’s just pretend that you left on your own volition, Ron.

    • Kenneth Ferland

      Fellow NC born and raised here and while I agree with your sentiment I can hardy call this a recent trend, don’t you remember Jessy Helms? *shudders*

      Of all the states in this country I think NC has the greatest disconnect between the sensibility of it’s residents and the actions of it’s state government. It really needs a political revolution.

  • Brian

    North Carolina is state that embraces bigotry and ignorance. The corrupt Governor, McCrory used nepotism, and got elected due to his job at Duke energy, and significantly reduced the fine Duke got for it’s dirty coal ash spill in the Dan river. The cozy relationship the governor has with oil and gas companies, demonstrates what a crook he is.

    • jamesdawson

      Crony-capitalism at its best. Just think how far a, a, a …….Donald prez (excuse me while I take a shower) would take crony-capitalism.

      • Bob_Wallace

        The Donald would make an Amazing Deal! and sell Yosemite to a condo builder. Lease out the Statue of Liberty for use as a communication tower.

        • J.H.

          Put my reservation in for a 1 bed room, ground level, at the base of the falls. The Don is already taking non refundable deposits.
          P.S – Is there going to be a casino ?

        • Robert Middleswarth

          What makes you think there aren’t already cell tower already in the Statue of Liberty?

    • Ron Spain

      And the rest of the country is a country that embraces murder of children, torture, corruption, terrorism around the world, and oppression of anyone who is not LGBT.

      • SouthernTide7

        …what a sad little world you live in Ron

        • Ron Spain

          Yep, it’s called Earth. Your other comment starts off with “it’s rather sad” and includes the phrase “just sad” so I must wonder if everything is sad in your comments? That’s the only way you know to criticize or debate is to say something or someone is sad. How sad.

          • SouthernTide7

            …your world is sad. Mine is not. I feel sorry for you, that’s all.

  • onesecond

    Well, it is perfectly in line with North Carolina’s overall strategy on progress:

    Electric cars are gaaaaaaaaaaaaay

    • J.H.

      Too funny

  • AaronD12

    Ah, North Carolina. The same state that legalized discrimination against LGBTQ people. Leilani, it’s time to move.

    • Ron Spain

      Yes, another opportunity for those obsessed with “LGBTQ” non-issues to spew their hypocrisy and bigotry.

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