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Published on April 3rd, 2016 | by Kyle Field


Zach & Kyle Crash Tesla Model 3… Unveiling Event (Video)

April 3rd, 2016 by  

We shared earlier how we spent a couple of hours on the Tesla Model 3 test track filming and photographing. After roaming the track, we were invited by a Tesla employee backstage of the event and eventually, inside the event. The exterior of the event area, which is normally home to the Hawthorne Supercharger stations, had been converted into a lush, loungesque garden with a full bar, hors d’oeuvres, and seating for guests. Light techno music with the occasional pop song filled in the gaps in conversation, as is common at high-end mixers.

Inside the hangar that serves as the Tesla Design Studio, badges were checked again to confirm that all guests were actually guests, because that’s where the goods were. Upon entering, a rack of Tesla merch greeted guests, but was not for sale (or available for free) at the event. Moving through into the Design Studio, the open space had been converted into the scene of the big show.

A small stage to the side was home to the white Tesla Model S and X, with the main stage holding the full lineup of Tesla vehicles — the X on the left, S holding down center stage, and the Model 3 set up as the new guy on the block, ready to greet guests in its best suit.

Moving through the hangar to the outside, a luxe area where what felt like too many VIPs had been crammed into queues were eagerly awaiting their chance to get in the X, S, or, most importantly, the Model 3. The route was familiar to us at that point, but essentially amounted to a ride around the block… though in actuality was an out and back on the L-shaped circuit.

After taking it all in and taking some time to talk with friends throughout the event, including Bjorn Nyland and Matt & Roger from EV Annex (who we interviewed after the event), we retired to a lounge area and had time to unpack our thoughts on the day, the Model 3, and the future of Tesla. We captured a quick video summary of our thoughts, which you can take in below.

Unfortunately, we both had lost a lot of sleep and were feeling a bit like zombies by the end. 

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