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Published on April 3rd, 2016 | by Kyle Field


Zach & Kyle Crash Tesla Model 3… Unveiling Event (Video)

April 3rd, 2016 by  

We shared earlier how we spent a couple of hours on the Tesla Model 3 test track filming and photographing. After roaming the track, we were invited by a Tesla employee backstage of the event and eventually, inside the event. The exterior of the event area, which is normally home to the Hawthorne Supercharger stations, had been converted into a lush, loungesque garden with a full bar, hors d’oeuvres, and seating for guests. Light techno music with the occasional pop song filled in the gaps in conversation, as is common at high-end mixers.

Inside the hangar that serves as the Tesla Design Studio, badges were checked again to confirm that all guests were actually guests, because that’s where the goods were. Upon entering, a rack of Tesla merch greeted guests, but was not for sale (or available for free) at the event. Moving through into the Design Studio, the open space had been converted into the scene of the big show.

A small stage to the side was home to the white Tesla Model S and X, with the main stage holding the full lineup of Tesla vehicles — the X on the left, S holding down center stage, and the Model 3 set up as the new guy on the block, ready to greet guests in its best suit.

Moving through the hangar to the outside, a luxe area where what felt like too many VIPs had been crammed into queues were eagerly awaiting their chance to get in the X, S, or, most importantly, the Model 3. The route was familiar to us at that point, but essentially amounted to a ride around the block… though in actuality was an out and back on the L-shaped circuit.

After taking it all in and taking some time to talk with friends throughout the event, including Bjorn Nyland and Matt & Roger from EV Annex (who we interviewed after the event), we retired to a lounge area and had time to unpack our thoughts on the day, the Model 3, and the future of Tesla. We captured a quick video summary of our thoughts, which you can take in below.

Unfortunately, we both had lost a lot of sleep and were feeling a bit like zombies by the end.

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  • vensonata

    A few thoughts on the impact of Tesla: The total passenger car production of the U.S. fell from 1999 at 5.6 million to a low of 2.2 million in 2009 and back up to 4.2 million in 2014. These are all passenger cars sold in the U.S. market. It does not include exports.
    Hmmm…if Tesla hit 500,000 passenger vehicles per year by 2020, and they say that is their goal, one out of 8 cars sold in the U.S. would be a Tesla. That really bends the entire economy of the car market. Now consider Bolt sales reaching perhaps 100,000 per year and Ford electric soon to appear and of course Nissan leaf and you could have 1 million ev passenger cars selling per year in the U.S. by 2020. Tesla would own 50% of the market. And a total of 1 in 4 cars sold would be electric. That is quite realistic. It is sooner than expected for many who don’t keep up on this topic and quite unbelievable for some who thought the internal combustion engine would live forever.

    • I believe that the Tesla 500,000 sales vehicle goal is their global sales figure.

      • vensonata

        Supposed to be the possible production capacity of their California plant. They are building a European factory as well. And probably a battery plant in Europe will appear. So I think U.S. market alone could produce 500K of Teslas.

  • S Herb

    ‘Unfortunately, this video is not available in your country because it could contain music from UMG, for which we could not agree on conditions of use with GEMA’

    • Ivor O’Connor


      • S Herb

        just a feature of living in Germany.

        • Ivor O’Connor

          According to Google, GEMA sought to raise its fee charged to YouTube to a “prohibitive” 12 euro cents per streamed video

          A study sponsored by the video hosting website MyVideo estimated that 61.5% of the 1000 most viewed YouTube clips are blocked in Germany.

          it can be questioned how much of this lost revenue would have actually benefitted GEMA members, given that licensing agreements in other territories are subject to a confidentiality agreement that prevents even the membership of the collecting societies from knowing the royalty rates


    • Brent Jatko

      I hate when that happens….

    • Oi. Saw that it was blocked in some countries. It’s just the background music at the event. A shame that they are so obsessive about copyright. This has happened to me on a handful of videos where music at the event was automatically caught as copyrighted.

    • Have you tried using a US proxy or VPS yet? That would be a work-around for you.

  • Green Greed

    What about the headrest. It is a very serious matter to be able to adjust a headrest. Even if a headrest is properly adjusted you can heve your neck somewhat injured if somebody bumps into your back. If it is not adjusted you can even have your neck brocken. Especially it applies to a tall people, like me, I am know what I am talking about. Almost every car out there can have its headrest adjusted. How come that Tesla talks about safety but dont have this feature.

    • That was the first question one lady not happy with Tesla’s Model S headrest asked.

      • Kyle Field

        Said my wife…

  • RobertM

    I think Chevy is responding. The Bolt is clearly an attempt to go head to head with the Module 3. Granted it might take the Bolt V2 to start getting close to competing with the Module 3. I can also see Chevy creating an entire new car design as well. The Spark EV is getting replaced with the Bolt EV maybe the Lighting EV will replace the Bolt the next year.

    • TomK

      s/Module/Model/ 😀

      • RobertM


    • Kyle Field

      I agree that the Bolt was Chevy’s honest attempt to get ahead of the M3 and cut into the market but now that we know what the M3 is actually about, can you honestly say that you would pay $2500 more for a Bolt than this Tesla? Hmmm…seems ludicrous to me.

      The price delta is HUGE because it confirms that Tesla has tons of brand equity that carries some serious weight. It also confirms that the Gigafactory was a brilliant move and will give Tesla a $50+ advantage per kWh vs competition. Finally, it confirms that Tesla really was first to market with the S and that the 3 just builds on that. They already own the EV market…and the 3 just lets everyone else get in on the game.

      Maybe Bolt version 2 will be sexier…or more competitive…or cheaper but Tesla owns the $35k price range…and probably the $45k and $55k markets for that matter…

      • RobertM

        They will have at least 1 entire product cycle to refine the Bolts design or to create the new Lighting design to put up a better competitor. The soonest the Model 3 will comes out is the end of 2017. A mid refresh in the middle of 2017 or even one near the end of 2017 will give Chevy time to catch up if they choose to.

        • Kyle Field

          You make GM sound so aloof, like they have a choice. The Model 3 comes from a proven EV manufacturer, it gets more range, it’s cheaper, it has autopilot, it includes active safety features (in the base model), it has supercharging, it has great, high end style…I don’t see the Bolt competing on any level and in several of these areas, the Bolt cannot compete unless they jump on board with Tesla Supercharging (which would be a brilliant move by GM!).

          It’s not that I don’t appreciate the Bolt, it’s just dated…already. They need to continue to move aggressively if they are going to remain competitive otherwise Tesla will (continue to) eat their lunch.

          • RobertM

            GM has a choice. They can do nothings and fall behind even more.

          • Bob_Wallace

            GM is at least in the game. As is Nissan/Renault. Many other car companies are still sitting on the bench.

            I suspect that for a number of years to come the game is going to be “Try to Keep up with Tesla”. I don’t see any of the big companies making EVs their number one interest which is pretty much what it would take to get ahead of Tesla.

            They would probably need to set up a separate EV manufacturing company/division, give it enough autonomy to keep the gas heads from messing with it, and fund it heavily.

            For example, build 1,000 ‘supercharger stations’ in the first year. $150,000 x 1,000 = $150 million. That is not a huge amount of money for a major car company but enough to announce their presence in the game. (The CEO of Ford is paid about $20 million a year.)

  • Bubba Nicholson

    Since you have AGAIN dropped an F-Bomb, I’m sadly going to drop my subscription.

    • Bubba, It was the party crasher, not Zach or Kyle.

    • We have no idea who that was. He just jumped into the video.

      • Brent Jatko

        You could have bleeped it or given sensitive souls like Bubba here a disclaimer 😉

        • Ivor O’Connor

          If Bubba is so sensitive he really should stay in his room and off the internet. The world does not need people like him.

          • Brent Jatko

            Nobody but a bluenose likes a bluenose….

    • Ivor O’Connor

      Have a good day.

    • Brent Jatko

      Live your life; I’ll live mine!

  • phineasjw

    DUDE! Awesome that the Drunk Uncle from SNL found you in the first minute!

    • Hahahaha, even looks like him! 😀 We thought it was hilarious, but wasn’t sure if we should keep it in or not. 😀

      • Ivor O’Connor

        Glad you kept it in!

    • And for the record, we have no idea who that guy is. 😀

      • Kyle Field

        It was amazing…so classic.

      • J.H.

        That was me,

        Wellll, I wish it was me, but not that drunk. May be when the autonomous driving is perfected.

  • What I’ve not heard covered yet is how many won’t put down a deposit for a future product? I am one who doesn’t do that on principle. Is there a 4 times multiple of invisible buyers waiting with everyone else? The number is only conjecture, but my guess is that it’s a lot higher than the reservation list.

    As the reservation count mounts, we may have a situation where there is a full model year’s production of the Model 3 that will be going to only reservation holders. If true, the rest of us waiting might have to buy the 2nd year cars. Personally, I’m ok with that.

    Zach, I’m glad you made your flight from Poland so you could make this historic event and provide us, along with Kyle, such great coverage.

    • Kyle Field

      I expect it will take two full years just to burn through the current backlog of reservations. People aren’t throwing down money now so much to buy the car…but to hold a spot in line to get it that much earlier. It is crazy…especially to hear that they were expecting so many fewer people to show up. Great times to be alive 🙂

      • Bob_Wallace

        Some of the people who got on the list early might want to sign up again in a few months. By the time their name comes up a second time their first Mod3 might be worn out… ;o}

        Wonder if all this activity will cause S and X sales to increase? Will some people look at the length of the list and just spend extra to get a Tesla earlier?

        • Hahaha.

          2) I think that is very likely. Think we already talked to people who were leaning toward a CPO Tesla because of the long list and potentially expiring tax credits.

      • TomK

        I made the deposit also to set a mark: Look, there *is* demand!

    • Thanks!

      Also, people were limited to reserving 2 cars. Imagine how many people and companies would have liked to reserve more than two….

  • Frank

    Elon has a problem. 276,000 people waiting on his new car. And don’t thing that cancelled orders are going to help. I think they’ll be plenty of people to take their place. But, the good news is, with this whole reservation thing, Elon found out about the kind of ramp he needs 18 months before he started production. And by then, they’ll have 4.5 years of practice ramping, not counting the roadster. 😉

  • Pete-In-Oz

    Thanks guys. Shame you couldn’t get right into the main event. I have reserved 2 x Model 3s (1 for my wife and I and one for my eldest son who is a committed Musketeer) but we are very disappointed that right hand drive customers will be the very last to receive their cars. I do hope Tesla rethinks their production strategy to accelerate and build right hand drives in a jurisdiction such as Japan or Australia (I am not sure if China is a right hand market or not). If they did this then they would own the market I believe. Nissan and/or Mitsubishi are potential dark horses here as they also have EV runs on the board and may have kept their powder dry until now to see what Tesla conjured up. The next few to 12 months will prove interesting to see how the market responds and if Tesla will seriously grasp the nettle to advance their manufacturing strategy.

    • You mean Shame on Tesla that they didn’t let Zach and Kyle into the event. The Tesla media folks must be asleep. No one covers Tesla and EVs better than CleanTechnica and EVObsession.

      • Pete-In-Oz

        Yes indeed Rawlasvegan ….. shame on Tesla. But then, it seems after listening to Sack and Kyle’s interview of the Evannex guys (in another related post) that the gaining of attendance was more on the basis of a ballot outcome than anything else … though I may misinterpreted their comment here. Anyway, thanks also for the right/left drive map which I hadn’t seen before now.

        • Pete-In-Oz

          Sorry … That should read Zac …. Damn autocheck.

        • neroden

          Yep, it was a lottery.

        • Pete, there was a lottery for attendees, but not for press. In an earlier article, they said they applied for press passes and were (unjustifiably) denied.

      • Believe me… I’ve been ranting.

        • As you should be. I hope Tesla never makes that mistake again.

    • Map of right and left side driving countries.

      • Here’s the right/left countries driving map.

        • neroden

          Fascinating. This says to me that Tesla should set up an Australian factory for RHD cars. It would be a good location from which to export to the rest of the RHD countries, with the exception of the UK and Ireland (which should probably switch to LHD, honestly).

          • wattleberry

            It’s not going to happen, too expensive and disruptive. It’s also shortly to become a non-issue anyway once autonomy takes over.

          • athbr

            The largest RHD auto market is Japan, followed by India, and then by the UK. Australia is far behind.

          • sir_tech

            India is right in the middle for RHD. From there they can deliver to all other RHD countries easily.

            There are many RHD countries closer to India than Australia.

          • Kyle Field

            Pretty much, right?

        • Ross

          Glad we’ve got India on our side. RHD ain’t going away.

    • We actually feel lucky to have had the unique opportunity to stand on the test track for a couple of hours and film and take pics of the cars in an awesome way that no one else did. But yeah, other opportunities would have been interesting as well. And I have plenty to say that I probably shouldn’t. 😀

    • Only Hong Kong is right hand drive, the rest of China is left. Former British colony and all…

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