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Published on March 22nd, 2016 | by Zachary Shahan


Renewable Energy News Link Bomb (Solar Energy News, Wind Energy News…)

March 22nd, 2016 by  

It’s been ages since I shared some top solar energy news, wind energy news, and other renewable energy news from around the interwebs, but I have been collecting stories. So, here’s a massive news drop if you have some free time this spring morning or later this week:

Rooftop Solar

  1. Can Data Rescue Solar Stocks? Google Is Leading the Way
  2. Solar Makes EV Battery Support for the Grid Complicated Financially
  3. Solar Energy & Solar Power Facts
  4. How to Find Cheap Solar Thermal Panel Installers
  5. Home Solar Power May Not Cost As Much As You Think
  6. Buffett: Musk Called Me About Nevada Net Metering
  7. Google’s Project Sunroof: Innovative or Self-Serving Gimmick?
  8. Mapping the Best and Worst Places for Rooftop Solar
  9. Property Value & Solar Homes: Buyers Willing To Pay Premium For PV, Study Says
  10. Solar Supporters Highlight How Utilities’ Campaign was Designed to Confuse Voters
  11. DIY Solar Installation Overview: 3 kW Grid-Tied Rooftop Array
  12. Sunverge Energy Seals $36.5 Million Series C Financing Round
  13. Sungevity Partners with CleanSpark to Provide Energy Monitoring and Management to its Growing List of Commercial Solar Customers
  14. Australia 5th in World in Small-Scale Rooftop Solar PV in 2015
  15. How Rooftop Solar Eased Peak Demand During S.A. Summer Heatwave
  16. Solar + Electric Cars — Herons’s House
  17. BIPV News: Solaria Solar Windows Accepted By US GSA Green Proving Ground Program
  18. Solar is Changing Lives in Brazil. Here’s How.
  19. How Solar Power & Photovoltaics Work
  20. 30 Solar Energy Facts Worth Knowing
  21. Hanwha Q Cells Agreement With Sunrun Increases To 135 MW
  22. Iberdrola Partners With Yingli On Turnkey Solar PV Solution In Spain
  23. Living Off The Grid

Other Solar Stuff

  1. The Little-Known Reason Renewable Prices Are Dropping
  2. BlueWave Announces $100 Million In Funding For Community Solar
  3. Does France Really Need Solar Roads?
  4. France Is Planning To “Pave” 600 Miles Of Roads With Solar Panels
  5. Too Big To Fail? Yingli Confirms Debt Restructuring
  6. Understanding Concentrated Solar Power Technology
  7. Inauguration Of World’s Largest Concentrating Solar Power Plant Delayed
  8. Skytron Partners with Strata Solar in the United States


Wind Energy News

  1. What’s Bigger in India, China, and Brazil: Wind or Nuclear?
  2. Will Offshore Wind Turbines Close In Germany Before 20 Years Are Up?
  3. Wind More Reliable than Fossil Fuel Power
  4. Overview of US Wind Market in 2015
  5. What Is Wind? Where Does Wind Come From?
  6. EWEA’s 2015 Update of Offshore Wind in Europe
  7. How Big Can Community Wind Farms Be?

Other Forms of Renewable Energy

  1. Geothermal Energy Definition
  2. Upsides & Downsides Of Geothermal Energy
  3. Geothermal Energy: What It is & How It Works
  4. Facts You Need For Considering Geothermal Energy
  5. Hydropower Said To Put Climate, Biodiversity At Risk
  6. Hydropower Costs | Hydroelectricity Costs vs Other Renewable & Fossil Costs
  7. Ireland And Scotland Team On Waves, Tides, & Wind

All Renewables & Related

  1. Coal Use Falls Further as China Plans Massive Layoffs
  2. German Coal is Worthless
  3. Is Renewable Electricity Now Driving Coal Prices?
  4. One Of The Largest Coal Companies In The United States Just Filed For Bankruptcy
  5. German Electricity Exports Once Again More Valuable than Imports in 2015
  6. Renewable Electricity in California in 2015
  7. California Power Sector in 2020
  8. Report: $12.1T Must Be Invested In New Renewable Power Generation Over Next 25 Years To Limit Climate Change
  9. How Congress And The Supreme Court Blew Up The Natural Gas ‘Bridge’ To Renewables
  10. Report: Skilled Workforce, Training Needed for India’s Ambitious Renewable Energy and Climate Goals

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