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Published on March 22nd, 2016 | by Kyle Field


The Oatmeal Takes A Cut At Model S Ownership

March 22nd, 2016 by  

Screen Capture From The Oatmeal

The evil genius behind The Oatmeal has revealed the secret to his never-ending source of devious humor: a Tesla Model S. In a lengthy, sometimes raunchy dissertation on the car, the Oatmeal unpacks all the ins and outs of it in a humorous, insightful way that makes you want to read

It always blows me away when people ask if the car is fully electric… like, no gas… at all? However, with the average citizen (of whatever land mass, virtual territory, or website of interest) not being as excited by hybrids, plug-in hybrids, fuel-cell vehicles, or battery-electric vehicles, it makes a bit of sense. They just see Tesla and realize that it’s amazing but not fully clear about why. Everyone online is talking about it, it must be amazing.

The Oatmeal digs into the Model S, starting with this exact topic, unpacking the fact that the car is fully electric… then digging into the first fun question people pop when they hear “electric car” — how far can it go on a ta… er… charge? He talks about how range anxiety is mostly a myth… at least in a Model S. Having previously owned a Leaf, I can say that, when pushing the limits of the range, anxiety can definitely kick in, but for 95% of driving, the daily commute and whatnot, it’s not worth talking about. It becomes especially irrelevant in the Model S with 265 miles of range (with the 85 kWh battery).


There is simply too much goodness in the article for me to dilute it for you here. If you want to read more about the “Intergalactic SpaceBoat of Light and Wonder” that is the Tesla Model S and all the amazing extrapolations of normal thought from one man’s twisted brain, check out the full exposé here. The end.

Thanks to reader Dewald Carstens for the tip!

All images courtesy The Oatmeal

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  • Ronald Brakels

    The comic may not be new, but I hadn’t seen it, and now that I know the Oatmeal guy has a Tesla I am making him pay for lunch.

  • Crazy old.

  • youcandobetter

    …and the slow, awful decline of Important media continues.

  • joshua

    Ah, I had hoped this was a new comic, but it’s actually years old, and not the first time CT has referred to it.

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