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Tesla Model 3 Unveiling Event To Have Very Select Guest List (Rumor)

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Originally published on EV Obsession.

It seems that the Model X unveiling kerfuffle last year involving CEO Elon Musk and a rather touchy journalist has led to Musk being more selective about who will be attending the Model 3 unveiling (or maybe not) — as the CEO has apparently personally (with aid from his “immediate team”) put together the guest list for the upcoming event.

Elon Musk TED Talk

Granted, maybe there’s not actually any connection between this news and the internet drama following the Model X unveiling. But it does seem to be curious, doesn’t it? On that note, the commenter “calisnow” on the Tesla Motors Club forum recently posted this:

This is interesting – I’ve ordered two Teslas, live in L.A., and cannot get a ticket to the Model 3 unveiling March 31 in my own town. I’m not upset – don’t misread the post. But getting “denied” only makes me think more than ever that something is up – something big is going to be revealed that we haven’t heard of yet.
Autopilot 2.0 hardware perhaps?
OR – perhaps Elon simply wants to make sure no cranky types like that journalist who got “banned” from buying a Tesla show up to his party?
Either way – this exclusivity is certainly a shift from 2014 when I easily got into the D event having not even ordered a Tesla yet!
I sent an e-mail to my sales rep last night asking for a couple tickets. This is the response I got today:

“Hey ____,
I am afraid I have no way of getting you tickets to this event. From what I was told, it will be a small group of people selected by Elon and his immediate team.
_____ “

Interesting… Of course one can simply watch the Model 3 unveiling online. There’s no real need to be there in person. What we do know is the Model 3 unveiling is set to take place on March 31st, somewhere in or near Los Angeles.

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  • Jason Willhite

    According to greencarreports, link here, one of the confirmed guests is Norwegian Tesla super owner Bjorn Nyland. He’s the guy that already owns a Model S, set a record distance and won both of Telsa’s recent customer referral programs. So I think now he has 2 Model S’s and a Model X. If only we all could be so lucky.

    • Mitchell Burns

      I believe it was part of his referral award.

      • Jason Willhite

        Was there also a cash prize too?

        • Mitchell Burns

          Not that I recall but he did get a Model X. He referred 20m worth of business.

          • Jason Willhite

            $20 million? Man, that’s impressive

  • There is limited value in having a lot of physical people at the event except to make it appear that it is a hip happening event. Tesla may also want to show a rough physical prototype that will be acceptable for online viewing but upon closer, in person inspection would show it is not production ready. In that case you would want to select the in person audience and make sure they understand the level of development and not go on the interwebs tweeting about how rough and poorly built the Model 3 appears to be.

    • neroden

      I have been expecting a prototype with an incomplete interior.

    • dw102

      The first S and the first X were pretty darned rough. I saw the S during the factory tour and up close it was really cobbled together but it served the purpose.

  • vensonata

    The venue will be more like an auditorium than a warehouse, the actual car will not be displayed apparently… only photos. They don’t need elaborate ramps and staging areas.

  • Carl Raymond S

    Is this for real; the venue is now a secret? A car with secret design, secret features, secret technology is to be unveiled at a secret location – so that you can queue up to drop a $1000 on the car you haven’t yet seen… I think they have mastered the art of driving (social) media into a frenzy.

    • Mitchell Burns

      At least they have a car as well as in production vehicles. That’s better than Faraday Future hyped for months as the Tesla Killer

      • Carl Raymond S

        I didn’t mean to sound cynical MB. If I was a US citizen ready for a new car (in approx. 18 months), I’d be camping out to get my deposit down.

        • Mitchell Burns

          It will be interesting to see what happens on March 31st. They might actually pull of their own “Apple Phenomenon” with people camping out.

  • neroden

    I think Tesla just decided that they are not equipped to run a big lots-of-people-there event at the moment. They are probably correct. A small invite-only reveal to the media with online broadcating probably makes sense.

  • WeaponZero

    They should do a VR unveiling. Almost everyone in the tech industry at least has a google cardboard at this point.

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