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Support Illinois Solar – Enter to Win a Home Solar Installation from ISEA

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The Illinois Solar Energy Association (ISEA)* is following its successful Tesla Raffle with a new raffle, open to Illinois residents only, for a 4 kW home solar electric installation!

Tickets are just $40 each or (the best deal here —>) three for $100. Enter to win at the ISEA store. Only 1,200 tickets will be sold, and the drawing will be held on Earth Day, April 22, 2016!

Click here to Enter the Raffle! 


This raffle is made possible with the generous support of Werner Electric Supply, who has been supplying quality electrical products and services in the Upper Midwest since 1948. The system will be professionally installed by The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers IBEW #134 Chicago. IBEW #134 has been training solar photovoltaic installers since 2001 on how to complete site assessments, design, install, commission and maintain these solar photovoltaics systems.

What does ISEA do?

isea_logo_newISEA is non-profit organization that represents over 400 clean energy advocates, including more than 100 businesses. As its mission is to educate and advocate for the widespread application of solar in Illinois; ISEA advocates for strong renewable energy policies at both the state and federal levels.

Your ticket purchase will help ISEA Grow Solar Jobs in Illinois!

You have likely heard that the US solar industry has shown tremendous growth over the past several years, currently employing more workers that oil, gas and pipeline jobs! Solar is one of the fastest growing job sectors and has tremendous potential to ensure our country’s energy security.

Unfortunately, Illinois has begun to lose some of its 3,400 clean energy jobs due to non functioning renewable energy policies! To turn this around, Illinois needs to update its the renewable portfolio standard (RPS).

The bipartisan Illinois Clean Jobs Bill will fix the RPS and expand it to 35% renewable energy by 2030 (up from the current target of 25% by 2025). The bill also calls for a boost in energy efficiency. This bill has the potential to create 32,000 jobs and save consumers $1.6 billion!

“A new RPS, like the one envisioned in the Illinois Clean Jobs Bill, would give companies and investors the reliability that they need,” said Lesley McCain, Executive Director of the Illinois Solar Energy Association. Adding that “Illinois has the potential to take the lead in clean energy development and enjoy all of the economic benefits that this robust industry will bring to the State! “

To learn more about solar in Illinois, you can visit the ISEA website, keep updated with their Policy Blog or follow them on Facebook.



The Solar Raffle winner will receive the following:

  • 16 Sunmodule Plus 250 Watt Solar Panels
  • DC-AC Inverter
  • Wiring
  • Racking Materials Necessary for Mounting the Array
  • Labor Required for Installation
  • The system and installation comes with all the guarantees and warranties of a purchased system

Please note the ISEA Solar Raffle is open to Illinois residents only; find the full contest rules here.

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*This post is sponsored by ISEA.

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