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Published on February 11th, 2016 | by Joshua S Hill


China Wind Installations Push Global Wind Past 63 GW

February 11th, 2016 by  

New figures from the Global Wind Energy Council show that China helped push global wind installations past 63 GW in 2015.

Windmills in China via Wikicommons (Some Rights Reserved)In its release of global wind statistics for 2015, the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) highlighted the “astonishing” 30.5 GW of new wind capacity installed in China in 2015, which pushed the global wind industry’s total capacity installed in 2015 past 63 GW, representing an annual market growth of 22%.

The US, which installed the second most in 2015, installed 8.6 GW, while Germany installed just over 6 GW, leading a stronger than expected European market, which also included Poland with 1.3 GW, France with 1 GW, and the UK and Turkey with 975 MW and 956 MW respectively.

“Wind power is leading the charge in the transition away from fossil fuels,” said Steve Sawyer, Secretary General of GWEC. “Wind is blowing away the competition on price, performance and reliability, and we’re seeing new markets open up across Africa, Asia and Latin America which will become the market leaders of the next decade. Wind power led new capacity additions in both Europe and the United States, and new turbine configurations have dramatically increased the areas where wind power is the competitive option.”

China has now edged past the European Union in terms of total installed capacity, with 145.1 GW compared to the EU’s 141.6 GW — and it doesn’t look as if China’s drive will cease any time soon. Spurring growth in the region is India, which installed 2.6 GW of wind in 2015, pushing past Spain into fourth in terms of global cumulative capacity.

The Global Wind Energy Council’s figures are in line with other analyses of global wind energy installed during 2015.

Earlier in February, Bloomberg New Energy Finance released its figures, showing that global wind energy installs for 2015 reached 62 GW, led by China which installed just under 29 GW. The differences in figures are down to how each group analyses projects, and the access to information, private and public.

The European Wind Energy Association also released its own figures earlier this week, reporting a total of 12.8 GW of new wind capacity added to the grid in 2015, an increase of 6.3% over 2014 levels.

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  • ROBwithaB

    This headline was a bit clearer. Thanks.

    Capacity is only half the equation. The other is capacity factor.
    It will be interesting to see some production numbers for all these Chinese turbines.

  • Foersom

    China’s 30.5 GW is a lot. Per day they installed 80 MW or the equivalent of one large land wind turbine (3.5 MW) per hour, day and night, every day of the year.

    World wide wind turbine installation is now at 432 GW, with a bit of effort we should reach 500 GW by end of 2016.

    • Tony Jose

      There is a problem tho. Like in the case of many solar plants in China the grid isn’r equipped to handle it and so a lot of plants are disconnected or running at half capacity

      • Bob_Wallace

        The common pattern across countries is that generation seems to get installed before adequate transmission. We’ve seen that in Germany and Texas.

  • John Norris

    Thanks Joshua. Wind is still showing a 20+% CAGR rate. Excellent.

    At this rate, by year 2022, wind and solar (at 44% CAGR) will be about 11% each of global TWh (electric energy supplied).

    And 100% (combined) by 2028. This is 7 years earlier than Lomborg’s 2035 prediction!

  • eveee

    India, China, and Germany are pushing ahead in Wind Power. 63 GW was intalled last year in 2015.

    Total global Wind capacity = 432.4GW.

    China was projected to install about 25GW, but smashed through that barrier to over 30GW. If additions continue at this pace, global wind may near 500GW in a year or so.

    The staggering amount of China wind expansion and significant amount of EU expansion show serious intent in overcoming GW. China seems particularly eager to rid its skies of pollution. India plans to add 60GW by 2022.

    Both EU and China exceed US wind capacity, (not necessarily energy production, but soon may)
    by substantial amounts. Chinas wind capacity expansions may soon tip its production past the US.

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