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Will Smith’s Son, Jaden Smith, Now A Tesla Model X Owner

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The Tesla Model X is certainly a baller item, and at 17 years old, Jaden Smith is the youngest baller to own one. The son of former Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith was spotted by photographers posting up with his Tesla Titanium Model X in Los Angeles this Monday.

Tesla Model X

Source: TMZ

Tesla Model X

Source: TMZ

Not only is Smith the youngest Tesla Model X owner (well, we think), but one of only a few hundred or so owners worldwide, as Tesla reported shipping only 208 of the long-awaited electric crossover at the close of 2015. It’s unclear at this point if it just shipped a few hundred more in January or well over 1,000.

Tesla Model X

Source TMZ

Will and Jaden buddied up with Tesla CEO Elon Musk in 2013 during a Google-sponsored soiree after starring in After Earth. The trio discussed the real possibility of humans having to leave Earth in the future. One wonders which was more entertaining, this conversation or actually watching After Earth.

Images via TMZ

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  • NRG4All

    Would Will please adopt me? I’m only 70 and won’t be any trouble for at least a year or two.

  • Jenny Sommer

    Who are those people?

  • Otis11

    Can someone explain to me how we have room for articles like this but Tesla stock falling 33% in 36 days doesn’t make the cut?

    • jeffhre

      Time to buy some TSLA?

      • Otis11

        Or time to buy A Tesla…

        Yeah, realistically that’s not a bad idea…

        Ok, so here’s my plan… If it drops to $100/share this year, I can but enough extra stock with discretionary income that when it hits $300/share I can sell it and buy one new, in cash (with all the options I want). Tax, title and license, with the home charger and all.

        The other option is sell my truck, and eat my discretionary income for almost 2 years to get a slightly used (~20k miles) one with most of my options… (has more than I actually want, but missing auto pilot sensors… Which given my background/interest is a bit of a let down… But it’s a flipping almost fully loaded model s!)

        Yeah, so I went out for Chipotle tonight and ended up taking financials in the Tesla showroom… But is it my fault they put a Tesla show room next to the (second) closest Chipotle?!?

        … Ok, so I might be obsessed…

    • Tesla stock falling has been a gradual thing, and with no clear reason. We could do a piece on it, but it hasn’t crossed anyone’s mind here, as far as I can tell.

      But agree: it’s a great time to buy. I bought a few times during the drop.

      • Bob_Wallace

        Actually Tesla’s stock has made a big drop lately.

        Since there’s no bad news (that I’m aware of) I would say that it’s due to the larger stock price correction which is occurring .

        Tesla is a very speculative stock. It’s a company that has yet to show a bottom line profit and may not for a few years. Investors are betting that it has a promising future but there is nothing to prove that yet.

        Speculative stock tend to be more impacted by emotional behavior than the stock of well established companies. If the market gets a cold speculative stock get pneumonia.

        If one believes in Tesla, the company, then this is a buying opportunity. Big mid-winter sale. But I’d suggest being well diversified, don’t put very much of your total portfolio in a single investment. Even if it’s as safe as Merril Lynch.

        • Right, I meant gradual from the beginning of the year. 33% in 36 days is about 1% per day.

          “If the market gets a cold speculative stock get pneumonia.”
          -Indeed. Think that’s a big part of what’s been happening. Plus low oil prices (which probably shouldn’t affect TSLA, but do).

          I’m definitely considering this a buying opportunity, and would encourage any friend thinking about it to buy, but related to your pointed, I don’t feel diversified enough to keep putting in here. And there are certainly risks to Tesla as a company.

      • Otis11

        Yeah, I’m going to wait and hope it goes down a bit further. My guess is there’s a notable amount of investors who view it as an alternative to expensive fossil fuel, and with cheap oil… Well…

        If that’s the case, I think oil will drop further in the next 6 months, which would mean further decreasing Tesla stock.

        If I can buy then, and that occurs before investors realize Tesla has more to offer than just “not gas powered”, I’ll get to ride a good wave back up (probably in late 2017)… And that’ll buy me a Tesla!

        I know that’s a lot of ifs… But it’s my best about currently, so figured I’d go for it.

        • Yes, the tie between TSLA & oil prices seems fairly consistent. Even if quite irrational (imho).

          Hard call on oil prices in the next several months. I wouldn’t count on them falling much more, but you know the industry much, much better than I do.

          Good luck with your decisions! 😀

  • andereandre

    ELI5. A talent-less nincompoop buys a car, how is that good publicity for said car?

    • Zorba

      It’s good publicity for the talent-less nincompoop

    • Andy

      He’s just a kid. If he decides he really wants to act, with time and the lessons his father can teach him, he’ll probably turn out to be a decent enough actor.

    • jeffhre

      Wow. Hey, let’s all get together and emotionally abuse a few more kids some time?

  • Philip W

    That is one lucky kid for sure.

  • Zorba

    You can’t buy this sort of publicity

  • BlackTalon53 .

    How Can Teslas Be Real When Our Eyes Aren’t Real

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