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Nissan LEAF’s 1st Buyer & Spotify Playlist Crowdsourced From LEAF Drivers

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The first owner of a Nissan LEAF found that word of mouth sells others on EVs. Watching the video and listening to the reasons motivating his choice of a LEAF, it is nice to know that, as the first Nissan LEAF owner, he bought it for the environmental benefits. That is a primary reason to buy or lease one.

This first buyer cares about the air his children breathe, as do many buyers. The first all-electric Nissan LEAF was delivered on December 11, 2010, to Olivier Chalouhi of San Francisco, and since then, Nissan has become the world’s leader in electric vehicle sales, with ~200,000 all-electric LEAF vehicles sold globally, and more than 88,000 sold in the US.

I found the LEAF to be the smoothest ride in the back seat of all the EVs I tried out. Chalouhi shares that all three of his children fit in the back seat easily. It is not too small to be a family car, in my opinion (and I’m a mother of 4).

As a driver of a 2015 Nissan LEAF, I find that anyone I take for a ride in the LEAF becomes enamoured with the quiet, smooth, calmer ride — and wants to lease or own one as well.

For those who enjoy Spotify, Nissan notes that it as compiled 10 fan-suggested songs for a “100% Nissan LEAF 5th Birthday Playlist.” The songs can be streamed via the Bluetooth connection in the Nissan LEAF.

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