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Cars GM Bolt EV preview by Tina Casey

Published on January 5th, 2016 | by James Ayre


Chevy Bolt Pre-Production Reportedly Starting

January 5th, 2016 by  

Originally published on EV Obsession.

If one is willing to take the Facebook posts of alleged workers at GM’s Orion manufacturing facility in Detroit at face value, then it would seem that the Chevy Bolt may begin hitting the market as soon as the second half of 2016 (as previously rumored).

To be more clear here, it seems that several posts made recently on the Chevy Volt Owners Facebook page allege that preparation work for the Bolt assembly line has already begun at the Orion manufacturing facility.


If true, these posts do seem to suggest that earlier reports that the 200-mile Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicle (EV) would be released before the end of the year are correct.

The website (not associated with GM, btw) provides more:

One of the members posted that they were “programming robots for the Chevy Bolt,” subsequently adding that he was “working on production sub-assemblies for the body of the car.” A final comment left by the poster exclaimed that there was a “big rush on parts!”

Another member of the group chimed in later, stating he had “just installed the hood and liftgate in Orion for the Bolt,” and that they “already have all our robots programmed for the closures.” The second member added that “full production is a little ways off.” These Facebook postings must be taken with a grain of salt, and not clear is the posters’ actual degree of knowledge of GM’s ultimate plans for the Bolt. Nor of course is GM officially confirming any of this.

In any case, the social media hubbub over what may mean building a batch of Bolts to start proof testing of the assembly, supply line, and the cars themselves prior to actual deliveries would fit with the way GM normally prepares its products.

Worth noting here, is that the President of General Motors North America, Mark Reuss, recently neither “confirmed or denied” that the Bolt will be available by December 5, 2016 — a date which will mark the 20th anniversary of the GM EV1. Hmm…

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  • Scritti Politti

    Finally, something potentially interesting from GM. And at least the range isn’t embarrassing. GM, with its vast engineering resources and years to work on the problem, hasn’t been able to field a car that’s remotely competitive with Tesla’s. That’s shameful.

  • Marion Meads

    The Chevy Bolt will be revealed at CES tomorrow, December 6, 2016!

    • Bob_Wallace

      Looking forward to it. Let’s see what GM brings to the table.

      You think they’re going to discuss a charging network so that the car can be driven more than 100 miles from home?

      • Frank

        Tesla released all of their patents. Would it be possible for GM to design it to use Tesla’s superchargers, and then work out some way to contribute, like pay Tesla to put in some more ports or locations, or maybe send Tesla x dollars per bolt sold in exchange for being allowed to use it?

        • Bob_Wallace

          IIRC Tesla has offered a deal along those lines. Other manufacturers can use the T Superchargers as long as they collect up front and then offer free charging for the life of the vehicle. The Tesla model.

        • brunurb

          “would it be possible?” yes, definitely.

          the more important question is “is it likely?” hell no. I don’t think GM or any of the other major manufacturers would do that, because that would mean essentially admitting that Tesla’s idea/implementation/technology is better. Of course it also is bad for business on their end, having to pay for and be reliant on another company’s infrastructure, losing out on a potential source of revenue. (never mind that it would be a huge selling point for customers, and would generate more sales)

          short-sightedness at its best.

    • Carol

      January…not December. 🙂

      • Marion Meads

        Still in festive mood. Thanks!

    • Yeah, Kyle’s attending! 😀

    • Freddy D

      Looking forward to it. The VW BUDD.e, is pretty cool. Love the flat battery pack (where have we seen that architecture before). Funny how others dismissed the tesla flat pack architecture with cylindrical cells initially. Turns out to be close to optimized for weight distribution, thermal management, design flexibility, and manufacturing.

      I wonder if VW knows that giant grill on the front of cars is for ICEs that waste all of your fuel and money as heat?

  • sault

    First of all, the specificity with which these message board posts claim in relation to GM’s manufacturing processes makes it easy to track down who is releasing this info. Secondly, people working at the GM plant have no real incentive to release this info and everything to lose by getting disciplined or even fired for spilling the beans. Finally, is GM allowing this info to get out in order to build hype for the CES reveal and future Bolt marketing efforts? Maybe, but not likely.

    It’s possible that these are real GM employees that are just excited about a new model car they’re working on. However, it sounds more likely that these posts were made just to get attention.

  • Freddy D

    Misspelled headline there… It’s the bolt not volt

  • nakedChimp

    Let’s see a couple of months down the road how bold they will be with the final design.. always teasing with those study models and then let down when the production version is being unveiled.

    • Adrian

      Final design gets unveiled at CES later this week. There are spy shots. Think “Chevy Trax meets Honda Fit” and you’ll be 90% of the way without seeing any pics.

      • Marion Meads

        Of course, colorize it with iBMW’s and there you have it.

      • Kyle will reporting on the unveiling. Pics & more coming soon.

  • Martams

    Spelling checker cannot help on this one.

    • Marion Meads

      There are two pre-production rumors or announcements from GM, and thus compounding the confusion and the fact that Bolt and Volt sound the same to many of us.

      One is that there is pre-production retooling for the 2017 Chevy Volt that comes soon after the 2016 Chevy Volt. This is rumored to be available by July 2016 or perhaps earlier. The other one is the pre-production of the Chevy Bolt, which was announced to be available at least by December 2016.

      So when both 2017 Volt and Bolt are in the news and it is about pre-production, interchanging the names is a certainty.

    • I don’t know how that happened, but it’s the 2nd time.

      • ROBwithaB

        Just stopping by to throw some Solt in the wounds..

  • LogicDesigner

    It looks like you swapped “Bolt” for “Volt” in the title.

    • Keith

      Elegantly highlighting the problem with the Bolt’s name

      • Harry Johnson

        Chevy’s next electric vehicle will be called the Jolt.

        • Bob_Wallace

          And their H2 FCEV will be called the Dolt?

          (Sorry, couldn’t control myself….)

          • Jay

            It’s not your Folt.
            Er, fault.

          • lol 😀

          • ROBwithaB

            I’m calling a Holt to this, before it gets silly…

        • Carol

          And it will come with an espresso machine installed. 🙂

          • Bubba Nicholson


          • Gaurav

            Steve Holt!

            That could work too

        • Dragon

          I still want to go after whoever is limiting production to 30,000 cars with a Colt.

    • Anthony C

      I wonder how many people beside us smiled and clicked on the article to help him out with this. 🙂

      • Pointswest


      • David Galvan

        Me too. Started to type a comment before I realized LogicDesigner had beat me to it.

    • Yeah, that’s actually the 2nd time we’ve done this! Must be a typing habit.

    • Dragon

      Title has been fixed but perma-link URL still says volt: chevy-volt-pre-production-reportedly-starting

      Not sure if that’s possible to fix.

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