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Published on December 28th, 2015 | by Kyle Field


Tesla Model X Tows 4,850 lb Boat (Videos)

December 28th, 2015 by  

Thanks to Redditor TeslaSigX (aka Max Kennedy), we now have high-quality video of a Tesla Model X towing a boat. While the video only shows towing for a brief moment, the contrast between this and the smog-producing and particulate matter–spewing diesel trucks that are often used to tow is immediately apparent. Towing is transformed from a clunky, dirty, low-mpg process to a clean, silent, electric work of art.

Max states that the load being towed is just shy of the stated 5,000-pound towing capacity at 4,850 pounds. It’s one thing to see numbers at the unveiling and the canned presentation with the Model X pulling an RV onto stage, but it definitely starts to feel more real after seeing this video towing what is very close to the max (rated) capacity. Not being terribly familiar with towing, I’m impressed by just how big a 4,850-pound load is, and the video really opens my eyes to how significant of an accomplishment the addition of towing to an EV is.

Perhaps more importantly than just proving out what Tesla stated to be true at the launch of the Model X, this video and the others that are sure to follow represent even more data points for folks who aren’t familiar with EVs to see just how capable they are today. EVs are practical for long-distance driving, they can tow, they are packed with the latest and greatest innovations, they can fit 7 people and tons of luggage, they can save owners tons of money on gas, they are silent, they recharge the battery when the brakes are applied, and they are, frankly, totally bloody awesome (as Zach so eloquently put it).

Check out the short videos below and click this link for several other Model X videos featuring the same beautiful red signature edition X. 🙂



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