Qube Smart Bulb Heads To Indiegogo As “World’s Most Affordable” Smart Bulb

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Quebe, a new smart WiFi enabled LED light bulb, has hit crowdfunding-site Indiegogo, and is billing itself as the “World’s Most Affordable WiFi Smart Bulb.”

I’m a big fan of Wi-Fi enabled smart LED bulbs, as I believe they meet the perfect crossover point where energy efficiency meets consumer demand — a rare zone, given most of mankind’s general apathy towards energy and environment matters. Over the years I’ve covered the INSTEON LED Bulb, the multi-coloured LIFX, Phillips Hue, RoboSmart wireless LED lighting system, SmartLight, and many more.

Some of these brands are now household names (such as the Phillips Hue), and some not so much, but there are always new companies looking to up the stakes.

2. Qube Smart Bulb - black 300dpiWhich is where Qube comes in with its new smart light bulbs which it believes will “dramatically” reduce the cost of smart lighting.

That’s been one of the biggest issues with smart lighting — the initial start up costs are always relatively high, with expensive control units and seemingly-even more expensive bulbs. Qube is looking to change all that, however, with “a stronger, more comprehensive and affordable lighting solution” that it is saying will be priced at only $19. And unlike other smart bulb systems, Qube doesn’t rely on a separate central hub, allowing your mobile devices and Bluetooth enabled wearables to connect directly to the bulb.

“We recognize that existing smart bulb solutions are too expensive for consumers to reap the full benefits of smart lighting — especially because they need more than one or two bulbs to see results,” said Joo Siong, co-founder and VP of products for Qube. “With Qube, we have big plans to disrupt the smart bulb market by offering a truly affordable and smart light bulb to the masses.”

So in combination with an affordable bulb, Qube is hoping to “impress and make your home beautiful to live in … control your lights anytime, anywhere, and also create countless automations” as well as saving you energy.


The Qube light bulb is currently available for purchase through the company’s Indiegogo campaign, and will most assuredly light up your house with millions of colors available and all the lighting scenarios you can think of. Qube comes ready to screw in and start working, and will connect with iOS, Watch OS, Windows Phone, and Android mobile operating systems, as well as OS X, Windows 10, and Linux.


Some of the features available with the Qube light bulb include:

  • Qube Sense: Customize the right lighting combination whenever you enter a room. Qube Sense tracks your location (with room-level accuracy) within your house through your BLE supported mobile phone or any Bluetooth Smart devices that you carry (e.g. Fitbit, Jawbone) and creates location-based automation triggers when it detects your presence.
  • Qube app 3Qube Notifications: Customizes your light settings to notify you whenever you receive a message or phone call. Qube also integrates with IFTTT and allows you to create automation commands for any 3rd party apps or devices with room level positioning.
  • Qube Moods: Select a range of preset Qube moods – including Sunset mood, Reading mood, or Party mood.  Or customize your lighting moods to suit your needs with a full spectrum of 16 million different hues.
  • Qube Schedules: Schedule your lights as you see fit. Or use Qube alongside your alarm to wake up gently with your lights gradually adapting and mimicking the rays of the rising sun.
  • Qube Remote: Control your lights from anywhere at any time
  • Qube Security: Let Qube safeguard your home while you are away on vacation by mimicking your presence within the house.
  • Qube Energy: Go green with Qube as it tracks and analyzes usage to highlight possible energy saving measures and eliminate unnecessary electrical waste. Users can save on their electricity bill each month as Qube assists with home automation and dims or turns off your lights when it detects that no one is in the house.

One of the ways that Qube is able to keep its price so low for a colored-LED smart bulb is by minimizing its footprint. The company is relying on online sales strategies to get going, meaning it doesn’t need to account for retail margins. The bulb also makes use of Bluetooth Low Energy wearables rather than Geo-Fencing technology, also reducing costs. These are a few of the reasons that Qube took to Indiegogo, following in the wake of several other smart-bulb developers in the past (most notably LIFX).

“By supporting our project and being an early adopter, we are able to make Qube a reality and continually make this technology available at an affordable price.”

In the end, Qube may be another fly-by-night smart bulb — though I suspect not, given its price-point — but I don’t imagine we’ll be seeing the end of the smart-bulb craze anytime soon.

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