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Tesla Model S vs Holden V8 Supercar In Australia (Video)

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Originally published on Gas2.

Here in the Land of the Free and the Home of the absolutely Ludicrous Tesla Model S sedan, we already know that it’s best to just take your expensive man toys at home when a Tesla rolls up to the line next to you. Failure to do so will leave even the most powerful muscle cars looking foolish, but what happens when you line up a Model S alongside an honest-to-goodness race car?

That’s what the guys over at Australia’s Car Advice wanted to find out, so they brought a race-ready V8 Supercars spec. Holden to a closed racetrack, and lined it up alongside a freshly charged up Tesla Model S on full insanity mode.

You can probably guess what happens next, but try to pretend you’re surprised when you leave us a comment about the video in the comments section at the bottom of the page. And, since this is a post about Tesla, be sure to wear a flame suit if you mention the Model X or TSLA delivery figures for 2015. Trust me, you’ll need it!


Source | Images: Car Advice’ YouTube Channel.

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  • Kraylin

    If you want to watch the Tesla lose, they should continue around the entire race circuit. Straight line is fun and all but nothing like a good road course. Tesla still performs well at Nurburgring but not like that race car would.

    • Bob_Wallace

      We realize that.

      And you realize that the Tesla is a five passenger sedan which was never designed for the race track?

      • Kraylin

        Yes of course but people seem so eager to constantly show and watch these boring drag races as if they mean something in the real world. I am as big a Tesla fan as you, ok maybe not quite seeing as you are so defensive, but I guess I feel the need to point it out seeing as I find overall performance more interesting, just a personal preference.

        There are several sedans that would out perform the Tesla on a racetrack that weren’t designed for racing either. I simply made a statement and I am still confused as to your defensive stance. You seem to be picking fights a lot on here lately…

        • Bob_Wallace

          Pointing out that the Tesla is a sedan and not a car designed for racing makes me defensive?

          Tell you what. If you see anything that looks like a Tesla racing something then pass that article on by. Do something you enjoy with your time.

          • Kraylin

            I enjoy reading articles here but I don’t always enjoy your constant need to “correct” people. You feel the need point out my statement was obvious with an obvious statement of your own for what purpose? Don’t bother answering that, just think about it for a minute and hopefully you will tailor or comments from time to time.

          • Bob_Wallace

            Yes, Sir.

            Sorry to bother you, Sir.

            (Tugs forelock and backs away….)

  • Kevin McKinney

    I’m shocked, shocked!

  • Ronald Brakels

    I didn’t think that would work, but I was actually able to watch an Australian video in Australia without stuttering! Unbelieveable! Normally the only place I can watch an internet video from without interuption is Milwaukee for some reason.

    And I tell ya, with all the gasoline they went through, I could feel the Australian dollar dropping every second those V8 supercars were in motion. At least the Tesla car would have been powered off home grown energy, whether solar, wind, or something less savoury.

  • Kyle Prell

    Let’s test one against a top Fuel Dragster!!!

    • LOL! I’ve got a 9 second Mercedes here that is game, as well.

  • Frank

    That Tesla didn’t even have ludicrous mode.

  • mike_dyke

    Interesting that the racing driver is wearing all those layers of flameproof clothing whereas the Tesla driver is in normal clothes.

    Not much to burn in an Electric car.

    • newnodm

      Plenty to burn in an electric car, but the fire is usually slow to start. A few electric cars have been in severe accidents, and the battery pack finally catching fire a day or two later at the repair shop.

    • Huh!??

  • Shake Exon

    acceleration is electric lol

  • Phil

    Another nail in the I.C.E coffin. And how many I.C.E cars can also power your house and are nuclear powered.

    • Ronald Brakels

      One would be hard pressed to power a Tesla off nuclear in Australia, seeing as we have no nuclear power stations, but solar is easily done. I’ve even seen a Tesla charge off a local ground mount solar panels in Queensland. And I suppose solar power is nuclear fusion power, 93 million miles of steps removed.

      • Phil

        I was referring to that big nuclear reactor in the sky – The sun

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