Tesla’s Model X Page Updated With New Pics & Info

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The Model X page on Tesla’s website was updated following the official unveiling of the electric SUV last night. It now features considerably more information than before, including detailed specs, extensive pictures showing off the interior, and an overview of noteworthy features (the falcon-wing doors, the panoramic windshield, the HEPA filtration system, etc).

As much of this information is already out there, I’m just going to do a brief overview of some of the parts that really stand out to me.

Tesla Model X

  • A “safety first” design: A design highly resistant to rollovers; an “active safety system” that uses camera, radar, and sonar systems to monitor conditions and help prevent accidents; and a medical grade HEPA filtration system. Strangely (amazingly?), the Model X also features a “bio weapon defense mode” that will create positive pressure in the cabin to protect against the infiltration of outside pollutants.

Model x safety


  • The much ballyhooed falcon doors: These impressively only require a foot of clearance to work. They are integrated with sensors which allow owners to open them in garages with ceilings of any height.
  • A market-leading aerodynamic design: The Model X’s drag coefficient is 20% less than the next-best SUV out there in this category, apparently. The model possesses a range of 250 miles per charge, with some big thanks to that record drag coefficient.
  • The view: The Model X possesses the largest all-glass panoramic windshield in production.

Model x panoramic windshield

  • Towing: The Model X is the first production EV to possess a 5,000-pound towing capacity.
  • Crazy quick: The P90D Model X with the Ludicrous Mode upgrade can do 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 3.2 seconds.
  • Seating: The design allows for enough space to comfortably seat 7 people. (A 6-seat interior layout is also available.)

Model X interior

  • Fun: The model also possesses an automatic keyless entry option. The door opens for you while your walking up to it, in other words.

Those wanting more (or to relive the excitement of the unveiling), should take a look at our live blogging of the event last night. You can also watch the full event on the Model X page.

A final note, for those that are now salivating, new reservations are currently not expected to be delivered until late 2016. That said, those who are interested should probably go ahead and put a deposit down now….

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139 thoughts on “Tesla’s Model X Page Updated With New Pics & Info

  • truly innovating .. this is what america should be about …. make it affordable also 😛

    • Seems to me that a lot of Septics (Americans) are against their country being innovative and set out to delibrately disparage American companies trying new things such as Tesla. It’s weird. In the past they were proud of their Yankee ingenuity, then they became embarrassed that no other countries wanted to buy their cars anymore, and now there’s active hatred towards the American company that’s making the highest rated car in the world. Why it’s almost as if there are people who are actively working to turn Americans against each other instead of encouraging people to work together as a whole to advance the country. But that’s just crazy talk from some shifty foreigner who has had too many bunya nuts land on his head.

      • “some shifty foreigner” Actually is the Koch Bros and several more CEOs of Big Oil. Stranded assets leaves these greedy folks with a few less billions in profits. Prime motivation to oppose anything that would cut into those profits. These folks are very good at generating misinformation and negative “Spin”. They are aided and abedded by the Conservatively owned media

        • Hi Larry, well said. Right on about greedy folks.
          The ludicrous greed hobby of the CEOs of the Big CO2 Producers
          across America and the world
          has 2 parts – as does the soul of all crazy, insane mode greed.
          Greed 1 – I want more. I want more billions. Give me more now!
          Greed 2 – I want there to be nothing for anything else, ever.
          I get more – the rest of human being people get nothing and
          need to loose whatever they have now.
          No Air / Water / Health / Fish / Honeybees / Rainwater / Votes / Nothing!
          Stay tuned.

          • Thank your for your affirmation. I spent 30+ years trying to deal with these lying S.O.B’s as we tried to regulate their anti environmental behavior in MN. That experience definitely took it’s toll on my outlook on life and my attitude toward humanity in general. I retired over 10 years ago now, and I’ve been trying for the last 10 years to regain a more positive attitude on life; but disgusting deceitful, self serving behavior by the climate change deniers and the Tycoons of the Fossil Fuel Industry still anger me. At least I recognize now, I don’t have to do battle with this antisocial behavior on a daily basis
            “It is not my job to comfort the afflicted; but to afflict the comfortable”

    • Overall an amazing package of performance, efficiency, utility and modernity. I think that the missing faux grille makes it look a bit “slabish” at the front. Some of the recent test car photos showed a slimmed down faux grille that looked excellent. Tesla offered style options on the S such as different wheels, and optional spoiler. Maybe they should offer faux grille as a style option. There will probably be after-market style kits that include a faux grille.

  • There are two features which are unique sort of why didn’t anyone think of that before.

    1. It opens the door automatically.

    We have had keyless entry and key FOBs open locks. Yet nobody thought to automatically open the door. It seems obvious now, like all great inventions.
    Watch how fast luxury and other type cars add this feature, me too, style.

    2. It has a panoramic from windscreen. This instead of a windshield and sunroof.
    There might have been technical or cost ramifications. But still, no other luxury auto maker had the vision to do so.

    As the reviewer put it, its a completely different experience. This is another feature that may become widely copied.

    • I think the windshield comes from the “engine compartment” being short and the desire to keep teh drag coefficient low. The cab is moved forward (which also gives the three row seating in a smaller than normal overall length) and the glass can go farther back.

      • Yes. I found the panoramic windshield was done before, too. I think the big difference is that on a car like this, it will get a lot of exposure, and may popularize it in the industry and public. There is a tendency to associate features with luxury. Then those features appear on lower end models. Sort of like vinyl tops. ( a date reference, ha ha)

  • It’s a prius with gull wing doors.
    Elon Musk, you must be joking.

    • You’re kidding right? I own a Camry hybrid that I am quite fond of. This thing looks great and it isn’t a Prius or Camry.

      • I am glueing gull wing doors on my Prius right away! I’ll be the first in Australia with a Model X!

      • “Sport Utility” hardly.
        Gull wing doors.. for the passengers in back?

        When are these brainiacs going to get serious and just build an electric car we ALL can afford without going down the tacky aisle with the crap magnet on?

        • Tesla has invented a crap magnet? This could revolutionise my pig fertilizer business.

          • It’s amazing what they can do these days. My friend Borat has a cat magnet in his car.

        • They’re working on that right now. Check out their public financial records. They’ve been spending lots of cash for a reason.

        • Batteries are too expensive right now for a car (or cars) that could be sold to the MASSES.. if you want one now that you can afford get a Leaf or iMEV and live with the limitations.
          Tesla has stated again and again that they come from the TOP OF THE MARKET and go down to something that Joe Average can afford.

          • My neigbor drove an electric car he made from an old Fiat to work everyday.
            That was back in 1978.
            Tesla has no intention of being anything but a rich boys toy.
            Gull wing doors for no reason proves that.

          • Matthew, that’s simply an ignorant statement.

            Most of the people in this community are very aware of Tesla’s strategy of starting at the luxury level and using that income to work toward a low priced EV, therefore most of us recognize that to be an ignorant statement.

          • Matthew people save their money and then make a splurge on all sorts of things. I see tiny BMWs all over the place that must cost a bundle. I am saving and SOON will have a Model X. I’m in the middle class so maybe that is rich but there are millions out there like me who can afford this car. My brother in law spent 70 K for a pickup.

        • I like the crap magnet analogy except Tesla is not a crap magnet.
          They are a fresh, imaginative company.

          • Except when it comes to trolls, they sure are a crap magnet then.

    • Troll much?

      (Perhaps not. You’re not very good at it.)

    • How is your buddy Alex Jones doing?

    • You’ve seen one up close have you Matthew?

  • People are always asking what the deal with the gull wing doors is. Well, take a look at the picture at the top of the article and I’ll explain them to you. After a while you’ll be able to download an update and the car will fly.

      • The combi van is pregnant!

      • Globi, no one needs falcon wing doors on their car. Also, no one needs a Tesla Model S and no one needs a Model X. However, people want these things and are willing to pay for them because they consider them to be cool. Now personally, I think it is a terrible shame that people are spending money on things they don’t need when they could instead be giving all their money to me, but I appreciate that not everybody shares my values, and I hate them for it.

        • I do find the Tesla S cool too.
          Usually, I find things cool which simplify tasks/functions. Because of this I can’t find the appeal in these doors, which given their relatively short wingspan, chicken wing doors might be a more adequate nomenclature. Even though many people love chicken, I can understand why this name wasn’t chosen though.
          I’m probably also disappointed that they haven’t focused on the Tesla 3 first, but then again and for whatever reason people prefer gangly SUVs over high-end compact cars.

          • a Model 3 at current battery prices would be in the range of $65k… you still consider that a moderately priced compact car that would appeal to the masses?
            They need the Gigafactory and time to make this stuff cheaper via scale.. then you and me – who aspire to more practical aspects on a car and opt for the economic sensible things – can get one that we are willing to afford.
            Let the early & rich adapters (that fancy falcon wing doors) pay for the scaling up of the processes please.

          • I was thinking of Mercedes-Benz AMG A45, BMW M135i, Audi RS1/RS3, Jaguar XE, Alfa Romeo Giulia which probably aren’t much cheaper than $65k. Keep in mind a $130,000 SUV isn’t necessarily appealing to the masses either.

            Besides, instead of producing a Tesla X, they could have produced a Tesla S station wagon (and not worry about any gull wing contraptions) with much more ground clearance – sort of like an Audi A6 crossover – for the people who need to sit higher up than the masses or have to wade through a creek on their daily commute.

            Just my opinion.

          • Yes yes. Listen to him. Also, if you are going to get to those economies of scale, it wouldn’t hurt to have a brand people recognise, and would buy. And you want to work the bugs out. Recalls on a lot of cars are expensive.

            If it was easy to build a car company from scratch in the US, more people would have done it in the last 50 years. It is incredibly difficult.

        • ROFL

      • Beautiful. Now if only it was all aluminum, with an electric power train…

      • Two things.
        1. You don’t have to duck your head to get in to avoid the roof.
        2. The sliding door blocks egress past the side of the car in one direction.

        Only 1 has much arguable benefit, because why are you parking so close anyway?

        Like Ron says, who really needs that feature? Techies that want bragging rights?

  • On first impression the gull wings seem potentially problematic for some garage space. What is their height when opened?

    • Whatever height is available up to where they are in the picture at the top of the article. They have sensors that enable them to be opened with a foot of clearance without banging into anything. (Whether or not you are thin enough to get in the car with only a foot of clearance, I cannot say.)

      • Haven’t been able to since I was a teenager.

        • Eh, if you ask it nicely it will probably back out of the garage by itself for you.

          (And no, that’s not a joke.)

    • There’s video from last night’s introduction.

      The doors open with no more (less than) a one foot width. It looks like they may be about 7 feet high when fully open.

    • I read a while ago that they would open no higher than the hatchback door does. So no problems anywhere you can open the trunk, supposedly.

    • i can see a bigger potential problem, snow and ice.

      • Knocking a bit of snow off the top before you open the door is a big problem?

        How often does that actually happen? How many people who pay that much for a car are going to park outside at night?

        • obviously you have never had to stay overnight in a hotel during winter. perhaps you live in a perfect yogurt commercial world, i dont know. but i can tell you its no fun scraping 12 inches of snow of your car to find that 1/2 inch ice layer underneath.

          • People with that sort of money likely stay in places with enclosed parking.

            Why does this bother you so much? This is not a one size fits all world. Go find another car and enjoy.

          • i already have a much nicer car and enjoy it very much. i am, like you, expressing my opinion. i have simply pointed out what i see as failings of this vehicle in the real world, looks are relative and while some may see beauty i see a car designed by a focus group which is never a good thing. to me it is most definitely not worthy of all the hype. why does it bother you so much that someone has a different opinion?

          • Your very nice Buick Enclave?

            It has no forward storage space. There’s a big hunk of machinery where one should be able to put a couple sets of golf clubs and enough luggage for a long weekend trip.

            You have to put all your stuff out in plain view so thieves can window shop.

            The rear third row seat? It’s kind of a bench that you have to crawl to get into.

            The rear hatch? One has to operate the latch and then step back so they don’t hit themselves while opeing.

            And it looks like a big lump of last century SUV-box.

            (See? Two people can play your game.)

          • i dont need forward storage space, there is more in the back than total storage space in the model X. tinted windows and alarm help deter window shoppers, obviously you have never seen how easily the one pull latch system works on the second row enabling easy access to the third row which also folds down flush to disappear. and the rear door opens from a press on my key fob or button on the dash.
            any other misconceptions you would like me to correct for you?

        • Thinking more about the snow/ice thing.

          I do park outside and when there’s snow I push a bunch of it off the roof so that it doesn’t fall inside the car when I open the door.

          I’ve lived in places where there would sometimes be a freezing rain which would hit as water but quickly freeze.

          I suppose if the ice was thick enough you’d have to knock some off in order to open the door, but that’s pretty rare.

        • Just use the auto remote start to turn the engine on 20 minutes ahead of time so it’s melted when you .. oh, wait a minute, forget that. Anyway, I can’t see that wiping some snow off a couple of times a year can be a problem for anyone with a y chromosome.

          • takes a little bit longer than 20 minutes when you have over a foot of snow on your vehicle, then you find the ice because the snow has insulated it enough to ice up and coat the entire car. you Y chromosome city folk sure are funny.

          • More than 20 minutes?

            That’s some slow moving….

          • i get the impression you have never had to deal with 20 to 30 degrees below zero winters for any length of time. one winter it was so cold car batteries actually froze solid.

          • Because you don’t know the difference between lead acid batteries and lithium ion… Seriously destroys your entire credibility.

          • what on earth are you talking about? no one is talking about lithium ion batteries with sub zero temps, get in the game.

          • You were implying that EVs cannot handle cold

          • Only three years. But it only got to 18 below.

            Where I am now I’ve dug down a foot to find my pickup, but it stays above zero.

      • I see a solution: Live where it doesn’t snow.

        • Can an electric mobility scooter be loadable?.
          This was my first question about this EV.

          • They freeze in Maine too, but given that you can preheat the model X with the app, any worries of doors freezing should be relieved. I can’t answer the mobility scooter question, if it doesn’t fit theres always the hitch option.

    • Check the unveiling video. There are sensors in the doors that keep them from hitting things. But yeah, Tesla has also considered the height and they work for an average garage anyway.

  • I don’t really want a third row of seats so I’m glad they fold down. And the panoramic windshield in front would be brutal in bright sun. But wow do I want one of these! I’ll have to wait for the cheaper mass market Tesla some time in the future though.

  • while not downright ugly, it is a rather bland generic looking vehicle. the interior still has that tablet glued to the dash and no real thought gone into real world usable storage space. still too small and the gull wing doors looked cool on the merc 300 50 some years ago but not so cool on a shopping trolley. plus what genius thought gull wing doors would be a good idea in snow and ice conditions?

    • Do you not understand the difference between gull wing doors and falcon wing doors? With the shopping trolley stuff, it sounds like not.

      • yeah, musk decided to name his gull wing doors, falcon wing doors, because he thought it sounded cool. big deal, it still looks like a shopping trolley with gull wing doors.

        • Suspicions confirmed.

          Gull wing doors have a single hinge which means that the bottom swings much wider when the door is opened. And knocks over you shopping trolley.

          Falcon wing doors are double hinged, articulated, and move less than a foot outwards as the open, thus not knocking over your shopping trolley.

          • big deal, they are still gull wing doors irregardless of what you or musk want to call them now.

          • Major argument fail.

          • like that actually means anything. LOL

          • Your lack of understanding of this simple concept, makes your previous opinions worth much less.

          • However oftentimes less is more. For example, one beauty about photovoltaics is, that there are no moving parts.

  • in this photo, the gentleman is showing where on the door you will be hitting your head when you get out.

    • It’s a heck of a lot higher than a normal door opening.

      You seem to be very soured on the Tesla. Perhaps someone can make you a good deal on a used VW.

      • how high do normal doors open? ive never had a height issue with normal doors.
        and no thanks i have a very nice buick enclave, much bigger and better looking.

        • Why would you have problems with the Tesla X door height?

          You aren’t going to buy one.

          Better looking? As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder….

          • i was making a joke about the guy in the pic looking like he is explaining where you will be hitting your head when you get out,,, you know,, a joke.

          • I suppose someone might find a joke in there, somewhere….

          • obviously not you

          • i agree with you, the enclave is gorgeous. last week at the dealership i was looking at the new 2016 enclave and fell in love with the new re trim and the deep espresso color now available. i just bought new pirelli’s so i figured i would put a few miles on them before trading up.

          • You agree with me that the Enclave is gorgeous?

            That’s the worst case of reading comprehension I’ve seen in quite some time.

          • No sense of humor?

          • I enjoy funny stuff.

            People who just troll don’t rise to the level of being funny.

          • im sorry, my mistake. i didnt think anyone would post a pic of the model x and the enclave together and mention beauty with the model x in mind.

          • Actually, neither is a work of art to my eye.

            I do think the ModS a very attractive car.

            The ModX is a reasonably attractive way of wrapping a very large interior. It gives the interior of a SUV without the boxy look most have.

          • give you a tip on how to easily spot if a car has plenty of room in the back. look at the side view of a car, now look at the trailing edge of the rear doors when closed, if the trailing edge of the rear door is above the rear wheel arch as with the model x, then you have little meaningful storage space, if the trailing edge is forward of the rear wheel arch, like the enclave, that is a good indication of more usable space. modern styling can disguise small interiors but keep this in mind when next your looking at cars.

          • How about we wait for official interior space specs for the ModX? Then we can be objective rather than relying on assumptions.

          • i agree. but it sort of makes a person wonder why all the hype about how big it is and how wonderful it is if there are no specs. wishful thinking perhaps.

          • I suppose if you don’t understand EVs and get excited over a car that gets less than 25 MPG you might not understand the interest.

          • there is a car, a fiat i think, where gas is squirted straight into the exhaust chamber when changing gear for no reason other than to make a cool growling noise.
            thats the exciting part that is missing from EV’s. much more exciting to hear the V12 roar than a Trappist monk humming.

          • That roar is going to become as old fashioned as horse farts.

            “Why does Grandaddy’s car make that terrible noise? Is it about to blow up?”

          • you may want to think that, but that big “V” symphoney is still a major draw to young people. maybe not the kids in your area who rely on public transport and the poor souls who have probably never experienced the thrill of actually driving for driving’s sake. remember the outcry from all over the world about how formula 1 engine sound has changed. the silence of formula “e” draws little attention. the fact still remains that V8 trucks are the biggest selling vehicles and people, even kids get a thrill out of those big monster truck with the huge loud V8’s.

          • There’s almost no place left where one can drive to experience the thrill of driving. Roads have become to tame and traffic too heavy.

            Sports car (my love) are now a thing of the past.

            Some kids may be excited by big trucks but, in general, the younger generation isn’t very interested in cars or in driving.

          • V8 trunks aren’t the biggest selling vehicles.

          • Tesla could always install a subwoofer and emulate a V16-rumble or what not (I think BMW has been doing this for years already).

          • What if the vehicle has a “frunk” in front? Is that not storage space?

  • someone is going to decapitate a bicyclist with those doors. gull wing doors were stupid before, there stupid now, and they will be stupid in the future. otherwise cool car.

    • What’s stupid… Is calling it gull wing. It isn’t.

      Bicyclists can avoid these doors easier by ducking a little bit..Rather than normal doors that can open much faster, and give the cyclist less time to react.
      Also, many cyclist are left with no options to swerve since on the left, there is moving traffic. Falcon wing doors are easier to avoid without swerving.

      • yah and people can avoid head on collisions by turning. there called accidents. automatic opening doors not dangerous? you must live in the suburbs. we perfected door technology years ago your defending a square wheel.

        • You’re calling current doors, perfect?
          How’s your horse?

          • In the automatically opening door video, its clear that the driver is standing just outside the door, and the door opens slowly. A bicyclist would hit the driver standing outside the door before they hit the door.

          • betting these doors wont last. you can change the name or hope all you want. people will get sick of hitting their head/face into them. they are also more dangerous to anyone on two wheels. no such thing as perfect but yah since door technology has had the same basic design for a very long time…

          • How often do you run into the edge of your car doors?

          • Look at his name definitely took a few to the head.

          • Actually… I’m sick of the top corner of my conventional doors. It’s at the prefect spot in my peripheral vision to hit me on the chin every time. I have to pay attention, like a schmuck.

            What’s MUCH worse, is the leading edge of the dozen or so OTHER cars that I park next to… No sensors combined with other folks not paying attention equals a society that thinks doors cannot get any better and we should just give up and accept the constant fear of door dings.

          • let me guess small guy, big truck(jk)? maybe youve noticed bicyclist are sometimes riding in the lil gap between your extra wide load and all those parked cars? nice to know you favor decapitation of innocent two wheelers to prevent door dings.

          • Jetta

    • gull wing doors looked cool on the merc 300 in the 50’s and even on the delorean in the 80’s but i agree putting gull wing doors on the rear of a crossover looks silly.

      • Look, you’ve had a bit of fun but your trolling is getting past the site limit.

        If you have constructive comments or would like to ask a meaningful question, that’s fine. But stop the trolling.

        • excuse me, but i have been posting opinions that move the discussion along, every point you have made in response to me has been nothing more than emotional and when your responses have been met with thoughtful rebuttal you have decided to move along to the next post that displays a differing opinion to yours. i have no problem with people disagreeing with me and enjoy a spirited discussion but if you would prefer to discuss your opinions with only the choir then perhaps teslarati would be better suited to you.
          todays generally accepted meaning of discussion board trolls usually follow a pattern of unsupported statements and jumping from posts to post to drop comments intending to get a rise. a pattern which seems to be appearing from the array of your posts.

          • IMHO, you have been making posts just to see if you could stir things up a bit.

            Now my opinion might be flawed, but it’s the opinion that carries a fair amount of weight.

          • and in my opinion you are constantly replying to me trying to stir up trouble in an attempt to bait me. i have commented on the faults of this car and you dont want to let it go.
            now as far as your assumption that your opinion carries more weight than mine, what exactly is that supposed to mean? are you trying to threaten me with deletion or banishment?
            be very careful how you answer, i have come across situations like this before and have been instructed to inform the offender that this discussion is now being screenshot and recorded for possible review.

          • Are you friggin’ kidding me?

          • no, i am very serious.

          • So am I.

            You’ve worn out your welcome.

      • looked cool, but were stupid. if i could have a nickel every time someone bumps their head into one.

        • i think you meant “we’re”: as in
          “Looked cool, but we’re stupid. What do I know?”

          • no i meant were. we’re is a contraction for we are. now that we know you dont know, stop equating grammar/spelling as a sign of iq we all know you hide behind spell check.

  • Zach?
    You should put a coverage piece up about the press and how they react on the Tesla X..
    Just hop over to ARD in Germany.. the article is a complete ‘Verriss’ of the car and the comments don’t get any better.
    No wonder the doku that EVs can’t prevail has come out of that shop.

    article: http://translate.google.de/translate?hl=de&sl=de&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.tagesschau.de%2Fwirtschaft%2Ftesla-117.html
    comments: http://translate.google.de/translate?hl=de&sl=de&tl=en&u=https://www.tagesschau.de/wirtschaft/tesla-117.html&sandbox=0&usg=ALkJrhhdmg7FPlG2XYKqsO-W-S9WY3lU_A

    • I hate dealing with the lame media. It just frustrates me. We probably should do a media bashing piece, but idk if I’m up for it. idk…

  • I’m sorry, I don’t understand. Someone please enlighten me. It says that if you order now, you will get your car in late 2016. But are there thousands of orders ALREADY that they will be filling before then? If so, how many? I hate to think that they are only showing the car now. Please tell me that they will start delivering them now.

    • Last number I recall hearing was around 24,000 reservation holders. It is my understanding that people are not obligated to go through with their purchase but I assume most people will. Additionally Musk was quoted as saying they “intend to ramp production to 1000/week pretty quickly”.

      The next few months will be very interesting as they ramp up production while fulfilling orders and taking new ones. The wait for a model S is at about 2 months right now…

    • That’s my understanding. They had so many pre-orders that they stopped letting any more people sign up and they won’t get caught up for a year or so.

      I believe that people who toured the factory within the last few weeks reported that there was a large number of ModXs waiting to be rolled out. No indication of how large that number was.

    • There are ~28,000. Once at full production capacity, Tesla expects to be able to produce ~4000-5000 a month. But it will take some time to get to that capability.

  • The “Bio Weapon Defense Mode” is a very timely feature with the current VW Diesel “gas attacks” happening all over the World.

  • After watching the presentation, and ignoring the armchair critics who haven’t even seen any of the videos, yet feel qualified to make assumptions about how the doors actually work… (most objections I’m reading now have already been answered, yet still get repeated)

    …It’s looking as though most of the fears were overblown.
    The Tesla haters will now proceed to get more nitpicky and come up with nonsense objections that is even more laughable.

    Way to go Tesla, you’ve done it again.

  • like any true genius and/or artist….the quirks that made parts of their brain so special tend to cause more than a few …..issues the average folk handle with ease. Musk gets bored easily and the arrogance that allows him to execute innovation in remarkable ways also gets him in trouble. The Model X is awesome and gawdy at the same time. It’s a little too much “look what i can do”….and not enough of the “this is why EV’s are better” —which is what makes the Model S such an elegant masterpiece. Someone at Tesla needs to be Pepper Potts. Wasting two years of the growth plan so they could get special 2nd row seats and double hinged delorean doors just right…is fun…..but not the way you win a war.

    • idk about that, tbh. The Tesla Model S has pulled in a lot of high-end buyers, and car enthusiasts, but most people still don’t know about it. People will know about the Model X — it is nearly impossible to miss it when the doors open. This will make people ask questions, visit the website, etc. Tesla’s plan is to accelerate the adoption of sustainable transport. This will do so. And for those who can’t afford a Model S or X, a Model 3 or Y will be similar but smaller and cheaper. If Tesla is going to sell 500,000 cars a year in 2020, it needs to quickly catch people’s attention. It needs the flair.

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