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Published on September 30th, 2015 | by Cynthia Shahan


Tesla & The Mouse — A Love Story Of A Mouse & Her Car

September 30th, 2015 by  

Even with so many stories about the agile, engaging mouse, there is room for a new one. There is The Church Mouse, The Town and Country MouseRalph S. Mouse,… and now My Tesla: A love story of a mouse and her car, by Joan C. Gratz. This one, as expected, is about the love that a little mouse finds with her Tesla.

A love relationship between mouse and a Tesla may not be an idea that comes to many minds, but Joan leads us to believe that there are few problems with loving such a clean and safe automobile. Green Car Reports brought our attention to the book, with a hook: “When it comes to indoctrinating the innocent populace and molding their views, it’s best to start young.” True enough. This issue of the electric vehicle has a lot to do with the air that we all breathe, a livable climate, and the future that we leave our children.

Children and adults alike are won over with fresher cleaner air. So, I do not believe there is anything amiss with this exposure or ‘indoctrination’ to the EV, and Teslas in particular.


It clearly seems that Joan’s alter ego or personification as Maxine the Mouse related to her own discovery of the Model S. In other words, it is a fun way for her to tell the story of her new and enjoyable electric-car ownership. As with Joan, Maxine the Mouse takes a test drive. Little Maxine quickly takes a fancy to the Tesla’s silent yet astounding acceleration. She could no doubt outrun Catwoman’s pounce with this darling EV.

In the storybook version, Maxine takes the Tesla to be “as magical as a unicorn.” The magic Model S spins a spell on the tiny female rodent — and new owner. Maxine falls asleep to dreams of her Tesla with her mousey quilt as a Tesla parking lot. For more, you’ll just have to read the book.

But before you go, you, Maxine, and her friends will most likely enjoy the enchanting video from They Might Be Giants that we’ve shared once before: “Electric Car.” As noted, it’s my granddaughter’s favorite song, and that seems to still be the case.

And perhaps Maxine now needs a second story — one with her checking out the Model X with her friend to compare it to the Model S.

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Cynthia Shahan is an organic farmer, licensed AP, anthropologist, and mother of four unconditionally loving spirits, teachers, and environmentally conscious beings who have lit the way for me for decades.

  • Larry


  • Kyle Field

    Fun 🙂 I’m already planning for my kids to own EVs out of the gate though in 12 years, that should be mainstream. I’ll definitely grab a copy of this – it’s right up our alley 🙂

    • Kyle Field

      Re: Fresher air – I thought the announcement Tesla made about the Hepa filter in the Model X was breakthrough – especially the increased life expectancy. That’s the new bar for any luxury car and soon, normal cars. Makes sense though…why breathe in the pollution while sitting in traffic if you don’t have to?

      • Yes, I thought that was a huge deal. Surprised to see a number of people making fun of it like it was stupid. People, people…

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